I’d Told You

Remember I’d told you

Not to promise love you don’t mean

I’m susceptible,

May get hurt, But you were so keen

I’d told you, I’m frail, I’m fey

Don’t look at me that way

I’d told you

 Not to stoke fire

It‘ll kindle desire

Your little fun and frolic

Might make

 My whole being   vitriolic

You simply smiled

Had me beguiled

You did utter that magic word

Transformed my very   world

You professed love forever

I doubted you   never

You called me desirable

I said I’m vulnerable

You said you adore me

I said never ignore me

I said I’m Mimosa,

The   touch – me – not

You said Oh that’s a

Lovely   thought

Then what made you sway

And, silently turn away

You could’ve told me the reason

Of sudden volte – face, the treason

Now see, what you have done

With your innocuous thrust

You’ve destroyed everything one by one

Even the divinity of love,

Now, I’ll never trust

                             ~Sudha Dixit

                                Bangalore, India

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