Rumble in the Capital

By The Editor

Delhi seems to have seen more than its fill of histrionics this year. First, Barack Obama’s visit kept the city buzzing but his visit seemed to be little dented in Indian circles by his comments on the religious tolerance in our country during the prayer breakfast. But what President Obama had forgot during his address is that religious intolerance was nothing to be shocked about for Gandhi ji. During his last days, the father of Indian republic had witnessed some of the worst butchering in the name of religion and current tolerance levels are far higher than that of 1947 or if we may dare say at Ferguson, MO. Anyways, enough for the diplomatic digression.

 BJP’s Kiran Bedi card seemed all aces at first but tables are seemed to be turning for BJP itself. Considering her recent interactions with journalists, she is either escaping the questions or to put it plainly too police type to deal with who consider everyone else as a defendant. Her digression from her party line is not in sync with Delhi BJP leadership and most of all ordinary party workers on whose shoulders her CM aspirations rest. On the other side AAP could gain lost turf of this BJP gaffe, already exit polls are predicting so. If Arvind Kejriwal wins the heart of Delhi, he’ll have hell of a job to do. First, he would have to work with the center that will be jittery on the loss and given the full time confrontation hat he wears, getting cooperation from center won’t be easy.

Secondly, if he becomes CM either he and his party will set the standard of governance or it will fail to cope up with chaos of administration. Congress on the other hand has become a lost cause, their too much reliance on Gandhi family is becoming the cause of their undoing, they are neither appealing the majority nor has any charm left in minorities. Secular card is not working for them either.

In this political tussle ultimately it’s the voters who would have to live with their good or bad decision.  Women safety is priority issue for everyone but how it will be implemented remains to be seen. Water and electricity problem is another bitter pill that Delhi winner would have swallow, many of their constituents might have faulty or tampered meters or illegal borings that are causing water shortages. Minor nuances and details would provide big hurdles in completing promises. Take electricity problem for granted would AAP or BJP penalize their party worker who has hooks hanging on electric wires or would they blame the entire problem on the electrical companies. It’s not that power distributors don’t have any irregularities but just like irregular housing colonies in the capital people, administration and corporations are equally responsible for the quagmire of Delhi. Let’s hope this election would be the decisive one for the next five years to come.

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  1. Very nice & To the point.