Just a Call Away

My heart is twitching

My fingers are itching

To grab the receiver

Lest, it may deliver

The voice divine

For which I pine

And Pray

For he is just

A phone call away

Something holds me back

Forebodings   that   lack

Hope and conviction

To uphold my fantasy, my fiction

I’m not ready to hear, what I can’t take, I fear

Hence suffer agony, bear affliction

Let Nerves fray

Even if, he is just

A phone call away

Should I, should I not

How many times I thought

What if he disconnects

What if he gets


That’ll make me more


Already   miserable

Wouldn’t be able

To take rejection

So no action

No display

God, but he is just

A phone call away

I am all ears

For one tinkle- one beep

Ready to burst into tears

With so many fears

Why can’t he call

Break the wall

Of silence,

Help me keep balance

Of my torn feelings, and deal with

My ambivalence

Why so much delay

After all, he is just

A phone call away

Whatever the result

Whatever amount of misery and pain

My dignity must I regain

Rather   consult

My mind not heart

Even if we part

No bargain on my pride

No advance from my side

I’ve made a choice

It wouldn’t be my voice

To break the ice

Fate has thrown the dice

Adieu! Farewell

Passing through hell

I still hold the sway

Though, he is just

A phone call away.

                                      ~Sudha Dixit

                                             Bangalore, India

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