Why Divided

Why Divided

Our country is India

It is Hindustan

We were born here

Conquered and plundered aggressively

Looted and devoured

The spirit sustained

Yogis, Rishis and spiritual leaders

Nationalists and freedom fighters

Rose like meteors

Against the turbulent tides of invaders

They did not die in vain

The tricolor flies high in leaps and bounds

Barriers rise indiscreetly

States on languages built

Create boundaries

Caste, creed rolls back

We are a nation, we forget

A mellow rising star

Conquering Mars

Controversies resist growth

Is anyone interested in national progress?

                                                                              ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                                  Jabalpur, India



Or just in biting one’s nose

To spite one’s face?

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