She Died; Yet Survived: Remembering Nirbhaya

I feel like saying sorry today,
I feel as if I am running away from what I am supposed to do today

She was not my sister
She was not my lover

But I feel as if I am that girl today.

She must have cried, but I didn’t stop
She must have felt the pain, but I never thought

It was a moment for me,
But it was a life for the girl whose efforts went in vain

I’m answerable to no one today
But someone inside me is asking me uncomfortable questions today

I know in a nation of 125 crore people,
I am just one life

But am I a life?
Or a dead body with privileges like reading, thinking, eating and talking,
But not taking concrete steps.

Who should I blame today?
Who should I appeal to?

Is it the government or police to be criticized or me who let this happen

Today, is not a death of nation,
Today, is rebirth of my evil livelihood.

Today, I’ll not cry,
Today, I’ll not die,
Today, I’ll not say why.

Today I’ll try.

Today, I’ll try to respect life
Today, I’ll try to love my wife
Today, I’ll not beg for anything from anyone,
Today, I’ll not complain,
Toda,y I’ll try
Coz I know if everyone decides to try

Then it’ll happen.
The society would change.

Then I’ll say that I survived.
Then she’ll feel, she didn’t die.

But she made us try
Making sure that all of us live and smile.

                                                                    ~Angad Singh Abrol

                                                                      Udaipur, India


  1. Very touching & an eye opener for all of us. Yes, we all need to search within to self introspect as to where we stand & how can we contribute in making this world a better place to live….

  2. Very well expressed….moving & worth reading.

  3. It’ll take time for all of us to be hit with reality and the urge to take an action. But fortunately, the process has begun.

    P.S. This poem is as beautiful as every girl is.

  4. Its just flawless and I wish people realize it !!

  5. Very touching …Well written and articulated …Good Jobs !!

  6. Well said. If all starts today to be more sensitive towards unknown fellow in distress, surely less sorry figures for all of us.

  7. inderpreet kaur abrol

    Very truly described Angad… Its touching and eye opener…. I just pray that people think over it and bring some change

  8. Bhai….its too good yaar….touched so deep in my heart…really feeling like wat our life is we just watch news and console on our own but donot take any necessary steps……i can feel the pain….thanks bhai…..may be it will help many of us …… good bhai

  9. Nicely written poem!! Keep it up.

  10. This is beautifully written Angad, well done!! Expressed very well indeed!!

  11. Lt Col Prafull Joshi

    Angad,u put in our thoughts in few chosen words.

  12. Today is the need of the nation to rise up to such sensitive issues. But definately it is not the work of one alone. Today every family needs to give their children the education of moral values. Thus the inculcated good values of today can give India a better tomorrow where female citizens will feel themselves secured and safe at any time of the day. It is the duty of parents, elders all educational institutions to give the children a lifelong lesson of what is good and what bad. All the dignified personalities of India should stand up for such noble causes becoz they know that our young generation follows the words and actions of their heroes. It is universal truth that today’s youth should recall all the family values which has been eradicated from the society. One TRUTH SHOULD BE UNDERSTOOD BY ALL – RESPECT WOMEN RESPECT MANKIND SHE IS THE ONE THROUGH WHICH EVERY LIFE HAS GENERATED.

  13. The poem written by Angad is highly appreciable and will definately touch the hearts of all people who are sensitive towards mankind.