Zara’s story ends

Filth in their minds

Come the dirty mankind,

As soon as alone they saw me

For their intentions they never felt sorry

They buried me in the ground

I was lost and never found,

They tore my clothes apart,

Just because they felt there hard

God I believed in u

Wasn’t my faith true?

Now dead and bruised I lay,

Why you took my life this way?

I cried in pain,

Went all in vain

But I remember them all.

Not my body but my soul,

Now is waiting for them

To play the bloody game

Their blood will spill,

I will give them a painful kill

I will fight for my condition today,

Your every blood drop will repay

Across the rivers and mountains,

My cries will creep your veins

One day I got one chance,

Full moon let my powers enhance

When every leaf started to tremble,

So cold climate they couldn’t handle

I hit them in every fierce way

Dead and headless they lay

I was content, I saw them dead

On them now the vultures fed

I would have lived a happy life ahead

That night I would have been happily wed

Now quiet & serene I lay

Zara’s story ends this way…..

                                                                      ~Shruti Gotarkar

                                                                            Kozhikode, India


  1. Nicely written Shruti. Powerful stuff.

  2. Varun Pratap Singh

    This is invading.. Sends down the chills !! Unbelievable writing!

  3. Thank you so much guys :)