Month: July 2014

Week's Person

Customer Service in Top Indian Telecom Companies

By Siddharth Sehgal We Indians love our phones, we tweet, like, poke, post our status update, play games, text latest jokes and not to forget the most important function, glued to the phones for minutes sometime hours gossiping about world cup, politics, movies and countless other things that make our […]


ये नदी की बांसुरी

ये नदी की बांसुरी ये चांदनी ठंडक भरी ये समां, फिर भी नही जज़्बात की जादूगरी जंगलों में घूमती, करती सबा सरगोशियाँ चीखने की हद्द पे रुक जाती हैं खामोशियाँ Translation There is this music of river This cool moonlight Such romantic atmosphere Yet, no magic of feelings. The whispering wind […]


A Broken Image

You brought me into this world This beautiful creation of God You fondled me in the crib You bought me many toys But as I learnt to sway and toddle You somehow forgot to fondle …Thus the years rolled by. I steadily grew in your empty arms And waited all […]


The Beautiful Game

By Atul Kapoor Has India, as if by an invisible hand of God, transformed into a land of Football buffs overnight? Who infused such a seemingly indelible spirit into the psyche of otherwise preoccupied nation that till now was soporific to the nitty-gritty of this most popular sport on earth? […]