I dreamt, I sailed across the blue,

    Upon the wings of an angel, true

It carried me into lands unknown

Singing tunes men do not know

I heard the softness of his voice

Until I felt drowsed and woke,

“Oh! Where was I?” I do not know

It was a beauteous land, I know

There was no misery, no tears a flowed

The merry faces were all aglow

“Was this … a paradise?”

I do not know.

Just then a gentle hand did rustle

A turn I took … beside the hem

Facing me there stood someone

I thought he was my childhood friend

So far away… so far away

So far away from me and then…

Was this a dream come true today?

Or was it just another day?

     For when I woke, I lay in thought

            What a miracle God had wrought!

                                                                            ~Shobha Diwakar  

                                                                                 Jabalpur, India


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