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Customer Service in Top Indian Telecom Companies

By Siddharth Sehgal

We Indians love our phones, we tweet, like, poke, post our status update, play games, text latest jokes and not to forget the most important function, glued to the phones for minutes sometime hours gossiping about world cup, politics, movies and countless other things that make our lives complicated and beautiful.

Almost everyone had some run-ins with their phone company. Busy lines, dead-lines, network congestion, slow speed, lack of coverage are one of many problems people grumble about. This grumbling and complaining increases when the customer service reps of these phone companies leave you hanging in air with your problems. So, as usual we sort of poked our nose and sniffed around different ways to get you troubles heard.


Airtel is the biggest fish in this game, this is sort of their general feedback and complaint form.


 For previous complaints status following link can be used which is also available in the above link.


But if you find something really fishy going on or your concerns are not getting an ear. They try knocking on their ombudsman office, not literally off course and it might not be responsible directly for the user issues but it never hurts to try.




Vodafone has lot of information provided on its website in regards to getting complains registered and one might feel overwhelmed when it comes to looking for the right information. First up, is their general feedback form, you can use it to tell something you did or didn’t liked about the company.


Next, depending on zone you are living in you can find information about zonal offices and nodal officers that you can contact and if that doesn’t solve your problems either, you can contact next person in the chain. All this information is given in a link like this, again depending on where you live, this information would change.


The page above will also have a complaints link where you might have to login or register into a Vodafone account to log your concern.

Reliance Communication

Ahaa, The big mighty Reliance communication, they jump into everything, chemicals, cloths, petrol, banks and countless other areas where you can make money. Well we sort of found very standard information on customer service, a general page describing address, email and numbers to call.


Another link is given for the next level contact in the food chain if haggling with customer guys don’t work.



Idea has same idea about serving customers just like everyone else. They have a general FAQ page that links all the relevant information.


You can also see the list of their regional offices and one common email at below page.


Another important link contains link to their appellate authority, which is the next tire in the customer service experience.


Tata Docomo

Tata Docomo follows the same lines like other companies on customer care but with a little difference. They provide a standard complaint and compliment form through this link but this link has various stages of complaints redressal levels. I.e. a general complaints form, a link that contain contact details of higher appellate authority and one major difference a means to take your issues directly to a company executive, which is radically different from above listed organizations.


Besides this, other related information is covered in the link provided below.


We have tried to cover information related to customer service in different companies in telecom and other sectors operating in India but definitely there is more ground to be covered in this matter. If you have any information that’s relevant to this discussion or previous ones, do write to us we will publish it. Or if you found a mistake that needs correction, point us in that direction and we’ll try to update that information. Our goal is to create awareness among Indians about their civil and consumer rights and we welcome feedback, complaints and compliments from our readers.

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