Autumn Desires

She looked at me with that piercing gaze

Her eyes glimmered, they had a blaze,

She looked lost, and yet I knew

Her beauty was unmatched, I knew it true,

The autumn zephyr blew through her dark hair

And a redolence released into the atmosphere,

A perfume intoxicating, makes one light in the head

Makes one love, makes one forget the end,

A baby’s laughter, she smiled at the sound

Her cheeks dimpled, and she turned around,

Her teeth shined like pearls white

Accentuating her eyes, brown, yet bright,

Her coquettish voice rendered her a cynosure

The fair ladies coveted her pulchritude so pure,

But she was oblivious to the thoughts around her

A world of her own, was all of her care,

She walked down the road, just as it started to rain

I called out to her, questioning her name,

She turned around, her face split into a beam

It was the last I saw, the end of a serene dream.

                                                                                                                                      ~Sunandan Banerjee  

                                                                                                                                               Pune, Maharashtra, India

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