Systemic Cleansing of Indian Beaurocratic System

By the Editor

How do you take a country to greatness or ruins depends on how efficient you run it. One simple way is to root out opposition from all forms of government workings and structures. Consider anyone who might throw sand in the cog as a potential bump on the road and flatten him out. Communist did in China, Nazis did it in Germany, Indira Gandhi did it in India, Capitalist did it too in US though not as brutally like some of the examples given above and now NDA or to be more specific BJP government is doing it in more subtle manner. First, it was turn of the congress era governors, then NDMA executives were shown the door, many other congress loyalist are counting their days and the most recent one is of Gopal Subramaniam, though his case is bit different but nevertheless the message is pretty clear to everyone.

Is it all that bad to remove disagreement from democracy? It depends on who you ask. But there is this thing with us Indians, more times than often people oppose for the sake of opposition. There is this myth of taking everybody together in democracy and given the variety we have in opinions, views, political party and all its almost impossible to take country in one direction. Now which direction it is solely depends on the people in power. They can lead us to growth & prosperity or doom us as a country. One upside to this change is that the reports of bureaucrats in plush government secretariats of Delhi coming to office on time, having to give reports on the log jam of files and sluggishness that was so representative of the previous government. If media reports are to be believed, this is what happened in Gujrat, in order to streamline the red taped government work Modi administration threw out all the congress sympathizers who might throw a curve. How it’s going to be applicable in whole country remains to be seen.

But there is a flip side too. Those of you who might have read or know about Mahabharata, there is a character called Vidura who was a minster in court of Dhritrashtra, The blind king who was also blind to the ambitions and acts of his son Duryodhana. Vidura always spoke of the betterment of state and carried out his duty as such, even if it meant displeasing the king by unpleasant but righteous advice. Dhritrashtra never heeded to Vidura’s words and it resulted in an epic battle that destroyed all his sons. Be it past, present of future, every ruler, every prime minister, every president need some Vidura who can tell them in very clear words of their rights from wrongs.

How this cleansing of system will turn out only the time will tell but for now we can only hope for the best.

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  1. Great tips. I think everybody can eliminate something using this post.