Month: June 2014


Fatal Fallout of Facebook

By The Editor It’s an interesting thing, the social media. People fall in love, break friendship, make new buddies, find jobs, loose jobs, get married, get divorce and very sadly as it happened few days ago in Pune, loose life over social media. Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. connects us to […]


Love Me Too

The little swallows That once sat twittering On the window sill No longer chirp. The empty skyline Once lined with their crowning glory No longer swim in the sky. “Where have all the birdies gone?” Whispered my child… “Has God taken them away to another sky?” “Where, oh where will […]


A Woman Saviour of Mankind

When on 16 April 2014 Sewol, the South Korean boat, Was sinking with 476 passengers on board Frigid water filling up its hold And the crew with its captain fled Betraying all the hopes of the passengers There appeared a courageous woman head Rising to the occasion, raring to go […]


Children On The Street

I often see street children roaming our city, unnoticed      and indifferent to what passers-by think of them We have grown accustomed to despising them,              as they are to smiling it off. One evening, when I was, wrapped in a full-sleeve sweater and a scarf, still trembling under the […]


The Meaning Of Life

By Ashwani Shrivastava The meaning of life has been a question of debate and illusion among the philosophers, poets and scholars. Even common people come across these questions. This question is very old yet so pristine… This question has become more profound in the new era then before. Earlier belief […]


Rape: A Nation Held Guilty

By The Editor World doesn’t blame every German for Holocaust but it’s a collective guilt that they have to bear in the pages of history. We Indians will be held accountable in a similar way. Not each one of us is a rapist but we all would be held accountable […]