She glances at her exquisite gold watch

It’s way past supper time

The LCD is blaring away like a

Loquacious loudspeaker in a railway station

The fancy woman on T.V. in her fancy pants opens her glossy seductive mouth

The screen is a battlefield of estrogen hormones are pacing up and down flying high like a fish- tailed kite,

behind the hijaab she’s breaking into a sweat droplets of shimmering diamonds collect on her brow.

Her twenty-four karat necklace

looks like a double tier choker

choking her with its ugly social stigma

she’s a fish out of water.

Her throat is dry, dry like the land she lives in the winds are blowing in all the wrong directions.

The fancy woman in her fancy pants is selling a new fairness product,

It’s an one way ticket to flawless skin.

The commercial goes; ‘Buy now and say good-bye to marks and dark circles’

She thinks from behind the hijaab

‘Will it hide the bloody scars of last night?’

                                                                                                            ~Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla

                                                                                                    Mumbai, India


  1. Exceptionally perceptive.. makes you think..

  2. Thought provoking and intriguing. makes you ponder for a while as u envisage.

  3. Very nice…depicts true state of women esp india…sad but fact…so many tears r hidden behind tht big broad ever smiling face..

  4. Swapnali Marathe

    Heartburning naked truth

  5. D harsh reality of life

  6. That’s so true!! A woman can hide all the scars of her life behind a smile !! Very well said !!

  7. Fantastic ….. hard hitting! !!

  8. Really perceptive!

  9. What a revealer the concealer is!

  10. A touching expression.