A Young Woman

            Very bravely and courageously

               The slender young woman stood

               As they exiled her to a deadly land

               Where wild animals roamed-

               Preying on all who dared to cross their trail.

               Rulers and reformers of others life

               Cruelly and mercilessly pounced-

               On one poor innocent prey, the hapless woman!

               Tearing her into pieces with their harsh words,

               They gloated on her misery and sufferings.

               Her agonized screams died in their roaring,

               Helplessly she pleaded for mercy.

               That, she was innocent all knew

                But had no guts to save her

               Lest the wrath burst on them too!

               Cowardly they stood witnessing unparalleled cruelty

               While she bled and groaned out in pain.

               Her two beautiful flowers she gathered in her arms,

               Kissing and consoling, she blessed them.

               Softly she whispered –

               ‘Be wary of such animals on the loose

               Prowling everywhere-

               With in-satiated thirst for blood!’

               Scared and motionless-

               They snuggled closer to her.

               Their pathetically painful cries –

               ‘Please spare our Ma’

               Brought tears to all eyes

               But, no one dared to stretch a helping hand.

               Maimed, they stood like statues!

               With abhorrence her kids were snatched

               And thrown away like lepers!

               They wailed and cried bitterly

               As by her hair they dragged and-

               Dumped her in a pool of blood and-

               Merciless ruthlessness to die!

                                                                          ~Anu Bannore

                                                                                Vadodara, India

One Comment

  1. Excellent choice of words ….very emotional and very nicely portrays what’s going on in the society nowadays… everybody is scared of helping women when they go through this trauma….very heart touching poem..