The Toubling Truth of Trusting Pakistan

By The Editor

We have to learn from the past, live in the present and look forward to the future at least that’s what the philosophy is but when it comes to Pakistan, its learn from the past, beware of the present and be prepared for the future. Our neighbors have not always responded in kindness to our gestures of friendship, inviting Nawaz Sharif to swearing in ceremony is all good but take it for granted that offering the hand does not guarantee that they won’t bite it.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s bus visit to Lahore ended up in Kargil war, that time Nawaz Sharif was on the prime minister’s chair now Narendra Modi has the baton but how this exchange would play out is yet to be seen. The latest attack on Indian consulate in Herat is definitely a foreboding sign for our diplomacy or any imaginative ideas of peace with our Pakistani counterparts. It’s no new news that post Gujrat riots, Narendra Modi has been a target for terrorist organizations both inside India and across the border. From Akshardham temple attack to Patna bombing during the election campaign, all these acts have been carried out with India’s new prime minster in mind and these sort of people are harbored, fed and trained in Pakistan under the wings of its military and Intelligence agency.

It’s not that inviting Nawaz Sharif or other SAARC heads is wrong, it’s good that our new leader is willing to take the initiative and according to last reports that were coming in both Sri Lanka and Pakistan will release Indian prisoners held in their jails. But, the thing about Nawaz Sharif is that he was in charge when Musharraf took over and its not certain for how long will he be able to hold on to power, given the volatile atmosphere in Pakistan. Let’s not forget, this country has sheltered some of the most wanted accused of terrorist acts against India and its people. The best example of double game Pakistan played is with the Americans, all these years pretending to stand with the United States against war on terrorism, providing logistical, material and military support for the war in Afghanistan and then the moment of truth. Our neighbors were left red faced when the Al Qaida founder was found in a compound in the very heart of Pakistan. Narendra Modi should take note from the mistakes of both NDA and UPA, both tried to establish the bridge of harmony and both were paid with border intrusion, violation of ceasefire, terrorist attacks, beheaded soldiers and dead civilians.

India’s new prime minister can be credited with leadership and acumen to move in the right direction but he should be weary too because our neighbors next door are very good at hiding something up their sleeves.



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  1. You’ve given lots of proof. Will be hard to argue with this one.