Making History, The Indian Way

 By the Editor

So, the elections are over. India has a new prime minister, a new government with clear mandate and a new completely decimated opposition. But even in this shocking of a result, it leaves one wondering how come the Congress, SP, BSP, DMK, JD (U) and most vociferous of all Aam Admi Party didn’t see it coming. The astronomical seats and support these politicos claimed on TV channels evaporated in thin air. If you want a magnitude of this electoral earthquake, visit the twitter account of Arvind Kejriwal, the boss man of AAP. Given the tweets, retweets and support from AAP fans that appears on Mr. Kejriwal’s twitter page in the frequency of hours is dead silent from Friday since last checked on Sunday evening.

Whatever the fate of the losing side they’ll try their luck next time. After all, who may better know than these parties that those voters who can give you the keys to heaven can condemn you to hell as well? Congress had most to lose and they lost more than they could afford. This is what arrogance, bad decisions mixed with dull and ineffective leadership can do to a political organization. Voters clearly pictured Gandhi’s with whatever was wrong with the country and they made it very clear to Congress that if it does not undertook a serious route to look into its own shortfalls, it might have to contend with its meager status in the public eye. Now that their own party workers are disillusioned with the leadership, congress has to come to the terms that Gandhi’s are not the solution of all their problems.

Modi, the former tea seller proved his point. Nothing challenges the reality, work speaks for itself. The man contested on an experience drawn from three terms of running one of the most prosperous states of India, promising things that people needed, saying things they wanted to hear and guaranteeing the kind of leadership that was missing in meek and taciturn Manmohan Singh, it worked and the outcome is in front of everyone.

One thing that BJP won’t claim out loud, out of respect of its old guard that if it haven’t fielded Modi in the election as its prime ministerial candidate, they didn’t stand a chance of coming back to power let alone have a landslide. None of the politicians in its ranks are charismatic enough to win the popular votes. But they don’t have any excuse now not to work now, they have an extremely hopeful and youthful nation that is counting on Modi to get things going. They can learn a lot from others mistakes but above everything else if they got addicted to the seductions of power like their outgoing predecessors, then they should keep one thing in mind, the history has a bad habit of repeating itself.

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