Goldy lock of Cosmozeny

Goldy lock of Cosmozeny

Illuminating Truth of Absolute Silence.

Blooming to pour on immortal life,

Searching soul of never ending Space

Tuned silence, moves into Form and Self.

Meditating mountain with the Eternal-breath,

Eager to pulse with Love and Time.

Moving waves of Divine infinity, worth

Message from the peak of prime.

Scrawling hopes of rising rays,

Helped by the steps of Time’s ladder.

Lingering Mind then, ready to evolve,

with the soul of Absolute Truth and Space.

Treasure of perfect-perfection, aiming the zenith,

Goldy-lock of Cosmozeny, even in infinitesimal sheath.

                                                                                                         ~Puttu Kulkarni

                                                                                                                Uttara Kannnada, India

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