Eye for an Eye Doesn’t Makes the Whole World Blind

By Editor

Israel is roughly the size of our north eastern states of Meghalaya and Manipur but this small Jewish state is known to fiercely defend its citizens against external and internal threats. It’s army and intelligence agencies such as Mossad make sure that its enemies live with unease wherever they are. This country knows what is at stake and it is willing to pay every price for its freedom.

Few days ago, the blasts at Chennai railway station took its toll of innocent civilians including the death of a fellow IT worker. People and media took notice but everyone downplayed the issue in the growing fever of elections. We have come to a point where folks have become used to these things. Life goes back to normal knowing the government will condemn the actions in its usual way, the perpetrators would escape justice and even if they are caught, the slow moving wheel of Indian law system would not deliver the punishment in time. All that’s left behind are the bereaved families forced to swallow the ugly truth that their loved once will never get justice they deserve.

Gandhi told Indians to offer the other cheek when one is struck. People followed his words and India became free from the British rule. Our war for independence was a different battle, the enemy understood logic and our preparedness to go every mile for that independence. So they left but we face a completely different nemesis now. One that thinks its ok to take lives of innocent men, women and children, their fanatic zeal overshadows right and wrong, black from white.   These terrorist usually find shelter in the neighboring Pakistan but governments in past few decades had a policy that Indian justice stops at its orders. These so called steps of peace and harmony have only left Indian masses wounded, vulnerable and angry perhaps these wounds are the reason people become communal. They think that nobody would stand up for them not even their government. From Mumbai attacks of 26/11 to dead jawans in forests of Chhattisgarh, masterminds of such atrocities always escape the arms of law.

Some political aspirants in the present elections have promised to act more strongly against terrorism but any substantial change remains to be seen. If a country like United States can cross all borders to get Osama Bin Laden, if a small nation like Israel can take toughest of measures to ensure its people safety than why is it fair that some state sponsored terrorist can victimize people of largest democracy in the world and get away with it. Russia, one of India’s closest allies in strategic affairs also has a zero tolerance policy towards terrorism. Our communist neighbor China is also known to use an Iron fist on those who pursue terror tactics. Than what happened to us?

One thing is clear, a country is only as strong as its rulers and this one cheek for other policy is in reality a slap on our face. We have to change with time, in this world eye for an eye no longer makes the whole world blind.

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