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Dialing The Right Numbers at BSNL

By Siddharth Sehgal

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is one of the leading telecom companies in India and perhaps one of the most dynamic and robust one considering the competition it gives to its counterparts in the private sector. But beings a competitive player does not mean that its best for everyone, as its slogan claims. People still get frustrated sometimes by being pushed around from one department to another. They often get bills of data or calls they didn’t used or surcharges that weren’t disclosed. There is no sure shot way of getting things done at BSNL, it’s just a chance encounter. You might find a willing, cooperative employee or just another bad day in a government office.

We went to its website and found a complaint tab in the customer care link and it lead to landline/broadband services and other to GSM/CDMA but problem is that these links are not coherent for different states and regions they list. And if you end up being customer in the region where these links are not functional, you might have to go down to your local BSNL office and hope to get your problems heard. But we found a trump card that can solve your problems, the consumer grievances section. It lists numbers, time it takes to solve your problem and concerned officials in you region with phone, email and other contact details. If even this doesn’t work there is another link provided to appeal to a level further up the chain called CPGRAMS, and it’s a general link to a government department for all public grievances. We don’t know how many problems they get or solve for that matter but they are the next entity to contact if you don’t get heard through regular channels. We also found a link to their help desk just in case if it might come handy. Even if nothings work’s out, you can always knock the court’s door.

BSNL is a huge organization employing technicians, linemen, engineers, accountants, top government executives. There is no way we can cover every aspects of its organizational structure when it comes to resolving customer issues but if you have some information that might be helpful to others. Please do share it with us. We will feature it in our Right to Write section.

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