Women Security, A Priority

By Editor

There was one case study example covered in a book on body language where a female executive was asked to go abroad on a company assignment. She was all excited for the task until she was told where she was going, India. She didn’t spoke anything but her clearly visible stress was sufficient enough to be included as an example for the book. Every now and then one can find the news of violence against women or rape in India being circulated in foreign media outlets like CNN. It’s not wrong on the part of these media entities to disseminate the news but the lack of willingness among country’s top brass to do something about the problem is giving a bad image to the country.

Crime against women is not only India’s problem it happens everywhere from under developed countries in Africa to the democratic society of United States but we have earned quiet a name for ourselves. The internet is filled with statistics and articles about prevalent crimes against women in India. But all talks aside, it’s the ground realities that are so disturbing that one wonder the direction in which the country is going. Eve teasing is quiet common in colleges and schools, usually the culprit parties are unguided youths from lower and lower middle class spectrum but that doesn’t mean upper strata is clean and clear. That which seems like playful banter to them over time turns into assaults, molestation and rape. It’s obvious that families with young women are so concerned over the safety of the female in household and the family name that usually girls and women are accompanied by their brothers and fathers when it comes to going to schools, coaching institutions, offices and public places. Police comes into picture when something really serious happens and law enforcement officials have been known to add salt to the injury let alone being held accountable for public safety. Families prefer to save the face than pursue justice.

When it comes to India’s political elite, most of them are unanimous in condemning these crimes except few who condoned it at certain occasions. But surprising part is that none have shown initiative to reform the legislature that’s out of date when it comes to serving justice. Being realistic, we cannot stop rape or crime against women from happening but what we can do is to make an example of those who commit these acts. It’s like the situation described in Mahabharata where Bhism and Dhritrashtra become mute spectators in the assembly where their daughter in law Draupadi is being forcefully stripped of her cloths and dignity. Krishna came to her aid and now it’s our country’s honor and dignity on the line. Who will come to aid us?

It has come to the point that many IT companies have to educate their female staff on what to do if they are being attacked. Because of cases like Nirbhaya, a lot of people came to the streets and even in this election many parties are promising to take decisive measure to address these problems but whoever comes to power in New Delhi, it’s our responsibilities to net let those politicians back off from their words. Foreign tourists don’t want to visit India because of these same issues. It’s similar to famous Martin Niemoller quote, If you remain silent when it happens to other’s daughter who would speak if it happens to yours?


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