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The Question of Character

By Mark Anthony Rossi My son asked yesterday, “Dad why do you need courage to do the right thing?” I had to think for a moment because I often have to translate ideas into a format a ten-year-old can understand without my translation becoming lost in the hodge podge of […]


Culture as a Positive Construct

By Mark Antony Rossi I’ve often wondered if all the major decisions I made in my life were heavily influenced by my cultural background. No doubt economic status, social environment and religion play a role but I’m primarily interested in the cultural construct. Is there truly an Italian perception of […]


Deeper Meaning of Truth and Loyalty

By Mark Antony Rossi If you poll the majority of people you meet they will swear to heaven that honesty is the most important trait they seek in friendships and relationships but later you discover many consider whistle blowers dishonorable characters and most use privacy and painful pasts as justification […]


Vigilance is a Firm Hand

By Mark Antony Rossi I like to keep score. But I’m often surprised when I find the good people outnumber the bad people and still evil prevails. How is this possible? Why do bad things happen especially to good people? The cynic cries in the street “only the good die […]


Uninformed, Unarmed, and Under Fire

By Mark Antony Rossi Aldous Huxley warned us of science and technology outpacing ethics and morality. The latest project in that category, The Human Genome Project, is a classic case in point. Billed as humankind’s most ambitious and beneficial scientific endeavor ever undertaken, The Human Genome Project’s incredible mission is […]


Child Soldiers of the West

By Mark Antony Rossi “The future belongs to the youth” is an old adage proven beneficial to fascist regimesong to the aiming to convert the most impressionable members of a population to their sinister agenda. Centuries ago evil Japanese Ninja clans raised their young in training schools to become professional […]


Seeing the Forest and the Trees

By Mark Antony Rossi  The notion of communion with nature declined steadily moments after the first sizeable city was founded upon cleared forestland, slaughtered buffaloes and Native Americans nearly extinguished in the crossfire of broken treaties and mad gold rushes. “Taming the Wild Frontier” is an ugly misnomer invented to […]


Diode as Deity

By Mark Antony Rossi The best science fiction is more than entertainment it illuminates the mind to the real possibilities of domination by scientific invention. Classic novels like “I, Robot” and “Frankenstein” are excellent examples of prescient literature calling for caution against reckless technology deployed without moral compass or ethical […]


The Foolishness of Forever

By Mark Antony Rossi Despite age-old arguments Science and Religion are not incompatible but incredibly out of synchronicity in the expansive realm and reality of human existence. Each historical force pushes and pulls people to be more than flesh and bone without ever intelligently explaining the vast ramifications of being […]


The Quest for Quiet

By Mark Antony Rossi  We live in day where bold colorful commercials, intertwined between serial dramas and music playlists, are designed to significantly increase the volume on your television, radio and computer. This sonic onslaught produced by marketers to grab your attention is annoying and troublesome. A nameless somebody sitting […]