A Mirage

 Life is full of ensnaring mirages-  Transporting us into a visionary unrealistic world  So onward we set off –  Clueless of where the road will lead us to!  Confronting all ups and downs,  Going through all disappointments and frustrations   Our mind though clouded with unending ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’—   […]

June 12, 2016 · 0 comments · Poetry

Here is Valluvar’s Voice

Following is the translation of Thirukkural, a discourse on ethics, its author is Tamil poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar who lived around 3rd Century. It’s translation is done by Mr. NV Subbaraman, he lives in Chennai.                                       […]

June 12, 2016 · 0 comments · Poetry

பாப்பாப் பாட்டு

Following Tamil poem is the work of a famous Tamil poet Subrahmanya Bharathiyar (1882-1921). It’s translation is done by Mr. NV Subbaraman, he lives in Chennai.   ஓடி விளையாடு பாப்பா! –நீ ஓய்ந்திருக்க லாகாது பாப்பா! கூடிவிளையாடு பாப்பா!-ஒரு குழந்தையை வையாதே பாப்பா!        (1) * சின்னஞ் சிறுகுருவி போலே –நீ திரிந்து பறந்துவா பாப்பா. வன்னப் பறவைகளைக் கண்டு […]

June 5, 2016 · 1 comment · Poetry

The Echoing Tree

Clash, with a terrific sound The bitter axe fell ruthlessly Upon the tender green branches of the marooned tree A lonesome shade upon the dull dirty road Where man walked to ease his drowned spirit  And sat beneath its mellow branches Decked with the greenest green The blow was deadly. […]

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तू  मेरा  ख्वाब  है, ख़याल  है, तसव्वुर  है, तू  हक़ीक़त  में  जो  मिल  जाये,  मैं  जी  लूँ  शायद ग़म  का  सहरा  है  और  आँख  में  नमीं  भी  नहीं तू  अगर  प्यार  से  देखे  तो  मैं   रो  लूँ  शायद एक  वीरान  सी  ख़ामोशी  है  दिल  पर   तारी तू  दफ़अतन  जो  पुकारे  […]

June 5, 2016 · 0 comments · Poetry

Price Hike

The poor on the street bargained Onions, potatoes at Rs 30 a kg, A small cauliflower at Rs 32 Beans and other veggies at 90 The list was endless Tomatoes, carrots, peas Were out of the budget Heavily he trudged along to a store Hoping to buy and cook dal […]

May 29, 2016 · 3 comments · Poetry

वो वक़्त रहींने – बहार था

क्यों  साथ  चल  पड़ा  मेरे  अश्क़ों  का  क़ाफिला तन्हा  मेरा  सफ़र  तो  बड़ा  ख़ुशगवार  था मंज़िल  का  पता  था  ना  रास्तों  की  थी  ख़बर अपना   वजूद  मानो   कोई   आबशार   था खुलते  ही  आँख  खो  गया  है  ख्वाब   की  तरह वो  वक़्त  जब  ना  ग़म  ना  कोई  ग़मगुसार  था अब  तो  […]

May 29, 2016 · 1 comment · Poetry

Living in a Land of Ethical Strangers

By Mark Antony Rossi It’s been said technology is contributing to people becoming less connected to the world at large. A small part of that sentiment is true but like Viagra you can’t blame the drug for the poor choices of its partakers. Technology in the context of rushing water […]

May 29, 2016 · 0 comments · Poetry

How Harmonious Might be Our World

How harmonious might be our world Full of spiritual pastoral songs If we didn’t do wrong or go wrong, How harmonious might be our world! How glamorous might be our day Full of happiness, filled with sunbeams If we didn’t kill our fabulous dreams, How glamorous might be our day! […]

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eine wirklich schlechte Nachricht bespritzt mit dunklen Flecken all die positiven Bilder meines Tages – die Einladung des verloren geglaubten Freunds, das lächelnde Gesicht, die warme Umarmung meines Lieblingskollegen, sogar das Lob aus einer völlig unerwarteten Quelle – denn wie kann ich mein inneres Auge hinwenden zu diesen leuchtenden Belohnungen […]

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