My New Topical World

Come gather ’round me, of a world I will sing, of my New Topical World, giving a voice and vision to the billions who want to see and want to be heard. My New Topical World looks beyond depressing leaders, austerity measures, hate, brutality and war madness to the power […]

April 8, 2018 · 0 comments · Poetry

My Night Bride

This moon this night I adore In my solitude beholding her face Like a new bride smiling in her wedding robe The gentle breeze of the quiet night Injects my naked admiration While, the beautiful moon whispers “Do you like the night”? I like the night that illuminates Like day […]

April 8, 2018 · 1 comment · Poetry

The  Lamp

Even  before  my  birth,  the  soothsayer  said That  I  would  be  a  guiding  light, That  I  would  represent  the  sun, In  dark , by  shining  very  bright I  didn’t,  at  all,  disappoint   them, Kept  up  the  good  work  going, To  make  the  universe  radiant, I  ever   remained   glowing It  was  […]

April 8, 2018 · 1 comment · Poetry

Love & Love Will Meet In Us

Love and Love will meet in us, Love and Love coming from the heart. Love and Love will meet in us when we come together to endure and to last. The love it is of you and me that’s leadin’ on the way of enduring peace, keepin’ away the shadows […]

April 1, 2018 · 1 comment · Poetry

I Was Asleep

I was asleep In deep freeze You stirred melody In my heart With your Serenade Caused the Music to start The ice began To melt and So many songs Were made Then, suddenly For no reason An adieu to me You bade What you once started Still continues, It’s the avalanche Of ballads It’s my precious Muse                                      ~Sudha Dixit               […]

April 1, 2018 · 1 comment · Poetry

चलना है मुझे

नहीं रहना अब दर्द के साये में नहीं रहना अब प्रारब्ध के सहारे नहीं रहना अब उम्मीद की सम्भावनाओ में नहीं रहना अब अभिशापित शिला की तरह नहीं रहना अब तिमिरमय निशिथ तले नहीं रहना अब यथार्थ से नितांत परे चलना है मुझे अब उन शहराहो पर जहाँ अनुगूँज हो […]

April 1, 2018 · 0 comments · Poetry

Hunt For Truth

People are held together by the threat of force. I look out of the window, see the passin’ shops. The Hunt for Truth, you know, is like a magic box. Hamlet says: “I cannot.” And: “My wit’s diseased.” And she said: “See you.” Wanted to be at ease. The Hunt […]

March 25, 2018 · 0 comments · Poetry

Voice of Courage

Mum said don’t be afraid Yes I won’t be afraid But i am shaking Dreams are about to shatter Does it mean their is no God Words can’t explain my pains Am like balloon’s that float Put me in a scale I weigh nothing Just like a piece of paper […]

March 25, 2018 · 0 comments · Poetry

The Perfect World

A road what seemed like a feeling to home was left unexplored Was this the road to ultimate abode of satisfaction, hope and better world of compassion, kindness? Or was it another way of world showing how messed up this world is? I once knew a man whom I used […]

March 25, 2018 · 1 comment · Poetry

Being A Child Forever

I want to tell an incident That set me seriously thinking I need to confide in someone, who May empathize with me, Without blinking Feeling pensive and sorry Now, I narrate my story My son’s fiancé asked me To go with her for camping It was too good an offer […]

March 25, 2018 · 0 comments · Poetry