Friendship between Giant and the Dwarf

“Friendship between Giant and the Dwarf” The giant and the dwarf, The Himalayas and the Ganges, India in the South and Bhutan in the North, Enjoyed the motherhood relationship, Ever since India and Bhutan existed. There are billions of your own sons and daughters, to feed on, give cloth and […]

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Love’s Rebirth

And therefore does she depose power of my heart, And cramped enviously my poor nerves into an abyss. Now as thousand ebbs circulate and disseminate around me, And magnanimous sufferings Would humbug my destination, I intentionally run to our history, Where we had, but both amalgamated Into our being, though, […]

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Leaking rooftop rainboarding heavy raindrops from the sky strikes at my shoulder I look up to the sky and ask – why the open sky cannot be my roof? My stand on the ground is wet like a fish in the sea around me abounds water lying knee deep. Am […]

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End Suicide

Have you ever thought?                         How many lives were taken,                         How many souls were lost.                         Their worlds must have been forsaken.                         Young and old suffer.                         Woebegone and self-pity linger!                         Emotions devastated and sanity waned.                         Youthful lives and dreams have been claimed.                         Depression had […]

July 5, 2020 · 1 comment · Poetry

This Is Mine That Is Yours

The tale of yours and mine is not new-fangled It was always there since times immortal The feud is old but appears to be new The leaping time crosses all boundaries Of kindred relationships Distances grow wider than the two sides of the ocean Lying opposite to each other Barren […]

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The Sad Chapter

A river from the left, A stream from the right, In between is impossible, For a house to stand. A lion ready to pounce, A leopard about to leap, The buffalo falls, His horns gone in waste. Bullets in the air, Bombs on the ground, About our soldiers, Tell me […]

July 5, 2020 · 2 comments · Poetry

I Wonder!

I wonder! What it’s like to be loved, cared and maddened – all at the same time They say without mother there’s no life #HappyMother’sDay I wonder if it is actually true! Or somewhere it is Because as long as you were, I was (Sushant Singh Rajput) Spiritually. With you […]

July 5, 2020 · 1 comment · Poetry

How Much is Enough?

Trapped in an illicit hoax, jammed in doubts, How/When/Why surge infinite doubts.   Bridges pelted, all turned to dust, Kinships being a valiant alibi amidst frantic doubts.   Too scared of the perilous seclusion, Being shoved in a dungeon better or in well sheltered doubts?   Be it a whimpering […]

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The Texture of Remorse

The texture of remorse isn’t a broken rock or a wrathful cloudburst.   It resembles chapped cherry lips, which reflect a series of blatant kisses from an abandoned lover. And the guilt of sin, that still hangs on your cherished silky skin, morning and night.   The texture of remorse […]

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My Life Style

I grew up in a village without the complexities and luxuries of town life.   I lived like a hermit yet dreamt big.   My lifestyle is sketched with future of happiness.   The phrase ‘forgive and forget’ is uttered by many when it comes to doing deed, we shy […]

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