It’s not very deep, but simple and sweet. And in the end it will prove to be the answer more intense and real than any great speaking could be. It’s just nothing, but then it is all. Just a gesture of kindness before the brutal wall. Just a touch and […]

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An Olive Branch

Friend ! It  isn’t  that  you  are  alone Who  gets  hurt I  also  felt  the  pain The  fault  was  mine,  I  expected  too  much, So  I  am  no  one  to  complain All  I  can  do  is  apologies And  a  distance  should  I  maintain All  said  and  done, One  question  I  […]

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My redeemer, now no need of thy healing hand, crisscrossing sand dune through sucking heat creeping expanse of meadow in frenzied fright sailing hostile waves amidst dark sight piercing wild wood in howling night guide pole star luminating alone bright undaunted I escape scaring plight. Like deadly leap of cliffhanger […]

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I’m the perfect optimist. I know the sea of perfect consciousness. I can dip into it. I’m the perfect optimist. I know the universe of self-expression. I can dip into it. I’m the perfect optimist. I know the harmony of the world-being. I can dip into it. I’m the perfect […]

November 12, 2017 · 0 comments · Poetry

The Race

I have sowed the seeds I have planted trees I have made rain clouds I have stirred the breeze I walked along with the Sun Doing all that was needed to be done Still, there is so much more to do Not enough  time for frolic & fun I can’t […]

November 12, 2017 · 0 comments · Poetry

Illusion and Reality

I  was in  love  with A  picture The  downward  tilted  head The  intense  look The  style  and The  attitude I  was  the  Juliet I  was  Laila I  was, also, Desdemona But He  was  neither  Romeo Nor  Majnu Not  even  Othello I  craved  pined For  his  love  and  care Sometimes  even  […]

November 5, 2017 · 0 comments · Poetry

My Topical Action

My Topical Action is effective action, is the winning action, is what I’m singin’ about. I’m staying true to what is right and what is proud. I’m proud with the strong and the good in my heart, the good that is love and oneness smart. I feel love and oneness […]

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Flaming Hearts

Looking deep into your heart you will see a spark of fire, coming from the marvellous Light deep within your heart of Glory. And a voice of calmness speaks: “Grow and kindle your Flame.” “Grow and kindle your Flame.” Emerging from the spark then comes a tongue of fire golden-warm, […]

October 29, 2017 · 0 comments · Poetry

Mythical Fire

It’s all fire, fire staying in the form of a flaming eye Fire doing its love-making in open lights; burning you & me, burning them Love me fire, make a good ash of me above truths & myths, Above patriarchies, where you originate in male foreheads Fire, see what happens […]

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हम इरादतन तो नहीं आये थे

हम  इरादतन  तो  नहीं  आये  थे  तुम्हारे  घर रास्ता   भूल  गये  थे  किसी   दोराहे  पर   हमने  ये  सोचा  था  कि  प्यार  ने  दस्तक  दी  है लेकिन एक  पत्थर  मिला  आधे  खुले  दरवाज़े  पर   दिल  ने  किसी  और की  उम्र  भर  ख्वाहिश  ना  की इतना  ऐतबार  था   हमको   तुम्हारे   वादे   पर   वादा  तो  तुमने  किया  था  कल  सवेरे  आने  का उसके  लिये, जानम , हम सारी  रात  जागे  पर   हो  भरोसा  गर  तो  हम  हँसते  हुये  मर  जायेंगे शर्त  लेकिन है  कि आओ  तुम   मेरे  जनाज़े  पर    सुधा दीक्षित Translation A ghazal   I  didn’t  come  to  your  house  deliberately I  lost  the  way  and  landed  in  your  alley   I  thought  it  was  love  that  had  knocked  at  […]

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