The  dancing  swan on the  lake Splashing  water  fascinates  me Reflection  showing  equal  and Opposite  reaction also attracts  me I  see  my  own  image  as  a  butterfly, Flitting  around  from  flower  to  flower Also as  peacock  with  its  open  plumes Prancing  gloriously  in  rain  shower The  laughter  that’s  manifest With  […]

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One Morning at Khwai

Heard a lot about her Khwai the river In textbooks of my childhood She came and stood Before me Like a fairy After some twenty years and ten Reached her when Saw her like a timid one, little and inconspicuous Nothing like those I have seen at Dooars, Or at other […]

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Not a Haiku

A young woman gave me a smile it was enough enough to do another day with hope in this  big heart of mine                                                       […]

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Ballad Of Lost Dreams

I sing you now the Ballad of lost Dreams, of men in search of their identity. I sing you now the Ballad of how to be a man of love and true belief, a man of hope and of power, bringing gold into a world of iron. I sing you […]

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I sat in that Rothko chapel and I knew I was as close to God as I could ever get the closest to seeing him through those paintings of nothingness the deafening sound of silence time almost stopping god has no need of time and through those paintings I could […]

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A Ride Inside

Yeah! The best ride I witnessed in my life. I’m inside me and it tingles me. Whatever I do to myself, I’ll feel it myself. I entered through a round gate and got swallowed by me. It’s dark inside and I cannot see a thing. A trek to the intellect […]

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तुमने तो मुझे कहानी का अहम् किरदार बनाते बनाते बेकिरदार ही कर दिया तुमने तो मुझे मुकम्मल बनाते बनाते अधूरी कहानी ही बना दिया तुमने तो मुझे पाषाण समझ ठोकर में उछाल दिया तुमने तो मुझे बीच मझधार में डूबने को छोड़  दिया तुमने तो मुझे सपनो की दुनिया से […]

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It seems the earth is cracking up Taps, rivers, rivulets, springs, wells Are squeezed dry Selfishly man drowns his own hopes and aspirations As he rents the earth’s entrails To loot and prosper Material wealth has knotted his pride He can ruin the hopes of others Who ramble up and […]

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Enough Is Enough

Why  I  am  tied  tightly  in  chains, Is  it  to  increase  my  anguish  and  pains I’ve   always  been  bound  by  traditions I  dared   not,  ever,  indulge  in  sedition In  this  society   the   patriarchy   reigns And   against  women  bias  it  maintains I  accepted  it  all  this  sans  any  complaint I’ve  always   […]

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Only a few days back The Dol jatra has ended, The smell of gulal Was still lingering in the nascent air And those gulmohor trees- They stood like maidens dressed in their best, We were taken to the hutment beside Shonajhuri, The windows facing the green paddy fields Were the […]

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