Yes ‘I’ only Cried In The End

An irreparable day Had broken down – Into the heart and ART Of our Epithalamium ! True; ‘I’ changed my purpose. And ‘I’ meditated to compose hard-reality ! Am ‘I’ becoming ‘1’ and only ‘I’llusionistSun ? . . ‘I’ don’t know ! But ‘I’ love/d Earth only ! . . From […]

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Our love story is over It was time for the curtain He doesn’t want me any more Of this fact I am certain He doesn’t meet or chat with me, Ignores me in social crowd I miss that romantic look Which spoke volumes aloud Still my love did not budge […]

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For Real or Just A Dream?

in the midst of the night as the moon reign in the sky and the light surrenders to darkness chirping crickets is all around while slowly her strength vanishes and usher her into oblivion as  the sirens pierce in the silence of the night a ray of light is beaming […]

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Oh! I feel my heart flutter, I’ m nervous and start to stutter, And I f-f-f-fumble every word I utter! Flapping its wings like a Dove, Stirs within me, the EMOTION of LOVE. The child in me is scared and shaken, Like the courage within me, taken, I feel like […]

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Opaque looks my life,they say Do I bear a life?Or i may To carry on everyday lateral When people around move vertical Out of social vector – middle class ghetto Without change to matrix perception taboo: Sometimes maverick, occasionally eccentric Thread of life illusory,simply unecstatic; So many attempts to shape […]

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The Beggar

while seated in a two-wheeled chair with a foot resting on the footrest and the other amputated foot keeps hanging his two arms are maneuvering the wheels and meanders around the place with small cardboard hanging in his neck with words saying, “Please help me buy my medicine” though people hardly pays him […]

July 7, 2019 · 0 comments · Poetry

Promethean Rebellion II

If they challenge jungle, They can go to the darkness, Darkness may support them for a while. If they challenge my people, They can go to the tyrants, Tyrants may hide them until tyranny. But, if they challenge ‘I’ Where will they go ? Because, Darkness and tyranny do not […]

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Beyond Reach

There was an ocean between us yet To one another we reached out, Because love knows no borders  Or mile stones, there’s no doubt It can travel long distances It need not really be physical It’s a tryst of loving minds It’s heavenly and spiritual We may not succeed in […]

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The hiding place of the birds Gleaming from the primary beam of the daylight Summons their power of retention Of how the discordant reshaping of the weather Demarcated the genesis of endurance. Picking up the fair grains The birds embraced the jubilation of home fabrication Where the feeling of discomfort […]

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My Cloud

Amazing aren’t you !! A “V “shaped delicate darling on my table, I love your shade of white and green , you are my delicate occasional love, I love to see you, Watch you for your elegance !! Yes I call you clouds as I make you swirl between my […]

July 2, 2019 · 0 comments · Poetry