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Ego V/S Humility

Ego always shouts and argues like a druken brawl, Humility kisses the tears before it falls…   Ego gets irritated for the wait…. Humility is waiting for the late,   Ego is a bleeding cut, Humility is a drug to cut….   Ego is a war, no forgiveness, Humility is […]

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The Feedsack Dress

by Steve Carr “Twere yer grandma’s favorite dress durin’ those years. Hard years, they were. Nothin’ as hard since,” my grand-uncle Jessup said. “In them days, folks livin’ in Cimarron County were about the poorest human bein’s you were likely to find on the face of the planet. It was […]

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The Pandemic And the Carnage

by the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal There could be two possibilities, either all the scientists, research institutes, data, and reports did not give an accurate assessment to the central government about the pandemic or the central government didn’t pay heed to the warnings, given the current scenario where PM with all […]

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Equipoise Oh Society Lockdown or Breakdown The Porkshank Redemption God Bless The Day I Met You! Have You Ever Heard the Truth Dear Zombie Eradicating Covid At Dawn Death Unknown Mystery Am I A Woman Now? Memory of My Childhood Wish… I Were a Bird Ego V/S Humility Coming Soon […]