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What is Friendship

By Mark Antony Rossi What is friendship in the modern era but a bond stronger than family and more true than any political or religious affiliation.  I realize that my definition seems out of place. Perhaps Webster’s Dictionary will protest my candid description. I’ve survived longer by using dictionaries as […]

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Thou dwellth in every soul,thou blesseth every soul: wandering with pristine desire in quest of your nectar bowl enabling a sin-charred existence, so long abhorred atonement, to apostatize before the revelation of thy commandment; pardon my atrocious soul- in- despair, thou benevolent, for sinner also seek final absolution in advent. […]

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Talking About The Goal For All

Come gather ’round people and I sing this song: “Talking About The Goal For All.” Talkin’ about not losin’ your heart and with it your power of soul, talkin’ about standing for the true and the strong, for the young and the Bright Earth of Love, our earth made one. […]

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A Horrendous Night!

By Anuradha S. Bannore Nima lay awake in her bed. The harder she tried to sleep the more difficult it became for her.  Surrounded by pin drop silence she could hear her own breathing which frightened her all the more. Suddenly she sat up, her heart was racing, knowing not […]

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To Haitians with Love

By Terence Wynne from Camillus, NY  

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A Love Letter What is Friendship Atonement Talking About The Goal For All A Horrendous Night! To Haitians with Love Person of the Week: Abhijit Mohanty

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