by Cécile Rischmann Chennai in the 80s The street of Jhan Jhan Khan Road was narrow, impeding traffic flow. The Gulab band and its decorative musicians were playing love songs from yesteryears, songs that she’d grown with, songs that held sweet memories, memories that brought her back after a decade […]

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And the Only Thing I Could do was Watch him Dying

by Musaib Khaleel Wani All it began with the thundering gunshots while nature was painting night into day and hiding it behind the bright layers of light. I heard the booming sounds and it made me feel exhausted as if I was running through the bushes and a monster was chasing […]

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Love, Lust, and Longings

by Sreetanwi Chakraborty One: Sunshine on the silk route “It is quarter past nine, already, Nini. Pull up things fast.” Afroz stroke the last few strands of Nini’s hair from his face and started caressing her bare shoulders with his manicured fingers. Nini was still in a dazed state; her […]

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In search of Lewis Carroll

by Sunil Sharma …but Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way. So she set to work, and very soon finished off the cake. `Oh, you […]

June 28, 2020 · 0 comments · Fiction

Out of Sight Out of Mind

by Shobha Diwakar They lived in a dense city heavily populated surrounded with enormous number of shops and people; everybody knew them and they knew everybody. They had lived in that congested alley for a long, long time. Time passed on as it always does and over the years, the […]

June 28, 2020 · 2 comments · Fiction

Grapes Are Sour

By Shobha Diwakar As the wind howled and trees bowed down to the mighty wail, the birds twittered fiercely, flapped their tiny wings even as they spread them cautiously to shield the little birdies tucked warmly inside. After a while, it was calm once again as the sky drowned with […]

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Earrings for My Daughter

By Maliha Iqbal Maya stared out of the window. It was dark but she couldn’t sleep. Her mother and little brother snored away next to her. The night was hot and she was sweating continuously, her clothes kept sticking to her body. The mosquito net made it hotter but it […]

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Sprightly Fragrant

By Shobha  Diwakar The twittering birds rested patiently on the swinging wires outside as the gentle rustling breeze shook them out of their dreamy world. They fluttered their tiny wings, twisted and turned their necks to peep into the breaking dawn with the dew still resting on their perch. They […]

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By P.Muralidharan That early morning started for Sanjay normally. He got up around 5 AM, spruced up, and set out for his morning stroll. The venue was well lit. Nevertheless, huge trees blocked the street light and there were patches of pitch dark below the trees. While walking under a […]

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By Maliha Iqbal “Wake up! Wake up! We are already late” yelled my brother at me. I got up as quickly as possible and as I was changing my clothes I heard my brother say for the hundredth time “I am so excited! We are going to our hometown for […]

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