The Street

By Sunil Sharma Have you heard the streets speak? Well, in my case, they have. Whenever I return to Ghaziabad, my native town, I find the streets communicating. Settling down after a long tiresome journey, first thing I invariably do in the evenings is to take a solitary walk to […]

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Ingratitude is a Cancer on the Soul

By Mark Antony Rossi I once said in an earlier book I wrote, Ingratitude makes me want to murder.” We all have our red line. My red line is people forgetting the generous folks willing to help them. Now I already have a bad temper so this grievous Sin is […]

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Robots Are Not Racists, Rivers Are Not Human

By Mark Antony Rossi Lately in the extreme efforts of social justice people have gone out of their mind. Common sense muse prevail when attempting to fix a wrong or you risk creating a bigger wrong. A perfect example of this idiotic social outrage is the ongoing Star Wars “debate.” […]

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Let’s Keep it Simple

By Bhavya Roy Religion is a topic which must never be debated. To all the people of a country like India, religion is, and always was, a sensitive issue. People of all classes and categories have their own take on faith and religious beliefs. Each one of them possess a […]

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The Camera Eye and the Citizen Spy

By Mark Antony Rossi George Orwell prophesied in the startlingly accurate book 1984 of a society under constant scrutiny by two-way screens able to spy upon any person at any time. The screens were a powerful instrument of fear and information collection brutally utilized by a fascist regime to control […]

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Freedom at Last

By Sudha Dixit Atal Bihari Bajpaiyee  wrote a poem where he says that our freedom is not yet complete. He was concerned about J & K situation. Also about reservation. Coming to J &K special status, Mr. Modi has done it. When the news about it was making rounds, Mehbooba […]

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Wanted: Peacemakers; Not Peacefakers

By  Mark Antony Rossi Have you ever noticed in the word peacemaker there is the active word “maker” and the complete word in my book is truly a verb. The peacemaker takes action to help peace develop in a place of conflict and strife. In today’s world we have too […]

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Is There a Happy Medium Anymore?

By Mark Antony Rossi Extremes attract attention. The reasonable are labeled boring; yes, even cowardly by those who substitute reckless stupidity for action. We are stuck in the winter of political polarization. The word compromise is dragged through the mud of malice like a child killer. But what exactly is […]

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Native Tree species – a Relook from a Climate and Ecological Perspective

By Ravi Shankar Behera and Dr. Ranjit K. Sahu Climate change is now a reality. The adverse effects of climate change are becoming evident globally with extreme weather events like cyclones, landslides, floods and droughts. There have been extensive losses to precious human life, livestock, standing crops, houses and infrastructure […]

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A.I. Artificial Idiocy

By Mark Antony Rossi It’s bad enough humanity over relies on machinery to handle many arduous daily tasks. Now it’s become more possible than ever to allow machines to think and solve problems. The progression of artificial intelligence is the most arcane development in this vast array of technological terror. The […]

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