Economic Sustenance from the Forests: Women, Wild fruits and the Weary Winter

By Srinibash Das, Ravi Shankar Behera and Ranjit K. Sahu Emphasis has been laid over women empowerment time and again as the main factor behind effective strategies to provide sustainable livelihood to the developing and underdeveloped communities around the world. However, in the din of high rhetoric and large scale program […]

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Sports: Another Communal Entity in India-Where Minus Sportiveness, Plus Alienation is the Overarching Policy

By Pitambar Naik When someone asks, “Why can’t you (Indians) pursue sports with staggering spirits? Why can’t you be like the Chinese lions in competitions? Why can’t you achieve more than your neighbours?” People respond in many different ways hurling scores of disgruntled ripostes and most of them opine that […]

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Indian Periodical Podcast 6: H1B Visa Scare

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Better Late Than Never

By Ananya Guha And now it is the Meghalaya Governor. Close on the heels of an MLA arrested for raping a minor girl, Meghalaya is in the news once again. And the one culpable is none less than the Governor, for making sexual overtones with a lady an aspirant for […]

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Drugs and the Maintenance of a Democracy

By Mark Antony Rossi The campaign to legalize drugs has reached new heights in the United States. A number of states and territories have ratified the sale of marijuana. In certain locales, a limited quantity of antidepressants or painkillers are permitted on a person without fear of incarceration. What was […]

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Public Information: GTF

By Anant Honkan Few years back, when I was entering the decorated hall for Ganesh Festival event in Shakti Mandir, one young boy approached me and politely invited me to his booth to listen to what he and his young friends had to say. Being in the teaching world for […]

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Growing Population of Indian Youth: A Problem of Plenty or a Resource Untapped?

By Ranjit K. Sahu The increasing youth population has been projected as a major boost the growth of India. However like all other population related parameters, the burgeoning youth population has implications both positive and negative for the socio-economic and cultural aspects of the society and nation. Increased unemployment, cut […]

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Building Mental Safety Nets to Counter Violence

By Mark Antony Rossi Firearms are not responsible for the violence all too prevalent in the world. I declare this not because I care about gun rights as much as I care about basic facts. The evils of terrorism often rely on explosives, knives and automobiles to deliver their horrid […]

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Thinking for Yourself

By Mark Antony Rossi Thinking for yourself is more than a prerogative it is a primary color in the tapestry of freedom. However; for decades, the intelligent public have curtailed common sense for fear of ridicule due to political correctness. The unintended consequence for our economy and national standing was […]

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India: Post Script

By Ananya Guha How can technology change a country instantly when over 50% of the country, if not more do not have access to the internet? How can we have smart cities when roads are undeveloped and months are spent digging them, and the coffers of contractors being filled copiously? […]

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