Ein Feld Unerforschten: German Poetry Of the Great War

By Pianki Roy Come 28 July 2014, the world would be commemorating the passage of a century since the beginning of the First World War (1914-18) with Austria-Hungary attacking Serbia – an action which would lead to a global confrontation culminating in the annihilation of 18 million people. With remembrances […]

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Are Indian MP’s Fit for Clean Chit?

By Prabhakar Kulkarni This is the vital question. Because the need to curb nationwide corruption is keenly felt by people who have voted parliament members with the expectation that newly elected MP’s would be so clean that they would have moral right to check corruption in various government departments at […]

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The Meaning Of Life

By Ashwani Shrivastava The meaning of life has been a question of debate and illusion among the philosophers, poets and scholars. Even common people come across these questions. This question is very old yet so pristine… This question has become more profound in the new era then before. Earlier belief […]

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By Rob Harle Religious fundamentalism is a touchy subject both in lay and academic circles. Why this should be so is no mystery, the emotive factors that make fundamentalism an emotionally touchy subject to discuss are inherent in fundamentalism itself. In this essay I explore the root causes of religious […]

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Psychopaths Look Normal—A Case Study

By Dr. Anjali Dewan This is a different type of research study as it entails the study of various aspects of the behavior of a single person. Before I go into the details of the person’s behavioral deviation from the normal, let me explain what psychopaths are. These are persons […]

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Politicization of the Indian Bureaucracy

By Prabhakar Kulkarni The British introduced the system of bureaucracy in our country, which continued in similar spirit and words after Independence. Rulers whether the Congress, alliance or opposition parties have not seriously considered the specific socio-political conditions in our country which needs a system more in public interest than […]

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