Artificial Wombs

By Mark Antony Rossi Science frees us in many ways…from the bodily terror which the savage feels. But she replaces that, in the minds of many, by a moral terror, which is far more overwhelming.                               […]

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Finding Fatherhood

By Mark Antony Rossi When I decided to pen a small collection of letters to my unborn son, I made the tough decision not to include every biographical detail of my life or extended family. There aren’t any dark secrets or embarrassing moments to hide but rather I wanted this […]

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Travelling Horrors of First Class

By Shobha Diwakar Finally, the day arrived when our tickets were confirmed. Since we were all set to leave for Gujrat in the blasting heat of June, our tickets claimed that First Class AC would keep us cool and pamper us with its healing touch. When we entered the cabin, […]

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Palms: The Trees of Life

Dr. Ranjit K Sahu and Ravi Shankar Behera Date palm and palm are two lesser appreciated cousins of the more famous coconut palm. These trees have existed since time immemorial and are of immense utility to human race. The increasing catastrophic events like cyclones have brought to focus the importance […]

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Parenting is Patience I Have Not

By Mark Antony Rossi Being a parent is not a thankless job, it is a hopeless job. Regardless of your values passed or the time you spent with them, children emerge before your eyes as unique creatures. If any good has rubbed off is perhaps the only hope we can […]

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Serving Self-Respect

By Mark Antony Rossi The life of a modern writer is a frantic search for a core identity in a world that changes colors, borders and genders faster than the ink can dry in the history book. Authenticity is a highly prized asset in a confusing age of artificial postures […]

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Caring for Birds in Summer

By Ranjit K Sahu A lot has been talked about saving birds to help the environment but seldom has the message been imparted deeply into the psyche of the general public to elicit a desirable positive effect on the environment through public participation. In the last few decades common birds […]

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Who Died And Left You Boss

By Mark Antony Rossi My mother said I came out swinging. She was a nurse and often her descriptions bordered on pornographic. God Bless her but I really don’t need details about my mother’s birth canal. Not ever. Maybe it’s a Jersey thing but I was not a person to […]

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What If We Did Nothing

By Mark Antony Rossi  What is progress in a society that buries yesterday while holding endless candle vigils in search of remembrance. What do we learn from learned members of the community, if every utterance is a talking point crafted in a closed meeting. What do we hope for tomorrow if […]

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People Are Not Becoming Less Religious, Religion is Becoming Less Relevant

By Mark Antony Rossi The ritual of religion can be comforting in a complex world. But too often we trap ourselves in a security blanket of excessive belief and forget our instinctual duty to help our fellow humans. Recently, I had another experience that reminded me how irrelevant religion has […]

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