Ramakrishna Vidya Mandir & Gurutwa – National Confrence for ‘LIFE’, Gwalior

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Faithless And Found Wandering

By Mark Antony Rossi  People don’t believe in themselves anymore. Not like they used to a few decades ago. At first I thought it strictly a generational divide issue. But I have found many doubters in my generation (GenX) and realized this negative development is not restricted to age or […]

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Vipers in the Veggie Patch

By Mark Antony Rossi  There’s nothing worse intellectually than being betrayed by someone in who you had the highest expectations. You want the very best for them but often you receive the very worse. And in many ways you betray yourself for giving such a fool more reason than rope […]

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By Shobha Diwakar We all are aware of a mushroom. We know what it means and in our childhood loved to eradicate it out of curiosity to find the next day that it had sprung up once again. Our innocence  culminated into uprooting it again and again… did it convey a […]

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The Luxury of Water

By Mark Antony Rossi Some say water is a human right. Some say it’s commodity like gold or silver. But whatever the final definition—water is a universal necessity on Earth. In a modern society we take water for granted. I certainly took it for granted until my home was hit […]

September 17, 2017 · 2 comments · Articles

Between the Glory and the Flame

By Mark Antony Rossi I live in the path of Hurricane Irma. This is not my first hurricane; probably not my last either. My children are trained on what to do. My home is equipped for disaster but we still might have to evacuate. During the last few days as […]

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Lessons We Should Learn From the Dera Phenomenon

By Prabhakar Kulkarni One, All are susceptible to religious faith or spiritual attraction. While the affluent are susceptible to faith and religion mostly for their other inadequacies than wealth, the poor and the deprived class is more so because of their long standing grievances and suffering. The moment they find any […]

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The Relegation Of Tagore

By Ananya Guha It is learnt that the latest wrath has fallen upon Rabindranath Tagore and by who else but by lackeys of the powers that be. It is both not surprising and surprising as well. One felt that  a man of his stature, Tagore would have been spared of […]

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Exceptional Exemptions

By Siva Wright At last, the Court has ruled out that the medical admissions should be solely based on National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or simply NEET. And the admission processes too have started. But, it took about 3 months of the mental chaos of students. The center made it […]

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