The Lockdown Severely Affected Tribal Populace

By Tripati Khura The whole world is suffering severely with novel corona virus outbreak. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the Covid–19 pandemic as a public health emergency of international concern. The positive cases are escalating at a faster pace and are becoming difficult to contain. The European and […]

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Where Humans Stand?

By Shantanu Das Humans, how long we have been evolved on earth? That’s a scientific question but we humans have even found it out. Humans began to exhibit evidence of behavioral modernity about seventy thousand to a hundred thousand years ago, around in the middle stone age. From the last […]

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Covid-19: “Pursuit of Happiness”

By Panchali Banerjee The pandemic Covid-19 has left many of us in house arrest, most people in the streets longing to go back home. Home, because out in the streets stripped of all dignity and security we want to be back home, possibly the perceived abode of utmost peace and […]

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Police Brutality in America Can Be Solved

By Mark Antony Rossi Police brutality in America has never entirely been built on bigotry. While I won’t make light of some of the obvious examples it should be noted in the full picture all too often police violations have more to do with abuse of power than abuse of […]

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What is the New Normal

By Mark Antony Rossi What is the new normal for places that have endured three months of isolation, evacuation and expiration. The corona virus is still ravaging through India, parts of Northern China and South America. For a hyper financial, Uber freedom zone like America the new normal might mean […]

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By Anantinee ’JHUMPA’ Mishra “Assassination is the extreme form of censorship.” George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Assassination, a murder of a prominent person, such as a head of state or a head of Government, prompted by religious, military, revolutionary or political motives. History is witness of some of the most horrific […]

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Constitutional Patriotism and a New Democratic Identity

By Yanis Iqbal The ongoing Anti-CAA-NPR-NRC protests represent a polemical encounter with a statist nationalism. A broad-brush definitional framework of statist nationalism can be formulated by emphasizing its lifeblood which is the coercive imposition of allegiance to the state. This allegiance is gradually built by creating a seemingly indestructible ideological […]

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Building, Room No 101

By Shafeeq Mp Karekkad Current circumstance of India is being criticized as crucial, portrayed as  brutal  and articulated as ass, the dystopian novel of George Orwell is intended to be a dialogue owing to vanity fizzing when sanity fizzle out. Democracy become dusty and rule become rusty in the hands […]

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The Cage Of the Internet

By Chandrasen Yadav I am not as much compelled to write poetry and articles about the lockdown, as much as I see happening out there, as the suffering here seems too banal to me. In no way that I am talking here about the victims of the disease, I have […]

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Social Distancing is Bringing Us Closer Together

By Mark Antony Rossi Strange how a global calamity can bring people closer together. It’s even more ironic when asked to social distance (staying six feet away from each other) winds up bringing people to a more neighborly position. I wish I knew why it took thousands to die for […]

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