A Message on 67th Independence Day of Republic of India

By the Editor  If Considering Asia in particular and may be even on a broader world stage, India’s position, culture, history, military might, people, economy, history is a force to be reckoned with. Even our founding fathers might have never imagined what we have achieved so far, nuclear power, homemade […]

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Commonwealth Shames

By Atul Kapoor Glasgow is bustling with activity these days. The city is hosting the twentieth version of Commonwealth Games (CWG). As many as seventy one nations are participating in the mega sporting event. CWG have a riveting history. The idea was first mooted in 1891by Astley Cooper, an Englishman, […]

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The Painted Peacock

By Lakshay Nanda  It was the onset of monsoon in the Indian capital city New Delhi and the school students were having an opulent time to enjoy the remaining one month of their summer vacations. It is a small incident that occurred a few years ago and it often resurfaces […]

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Letter To A Sachin Tendulkar’s Fan From Maria Sharapova

By Atul Kapoor Dear Enthusiast from India, Please bear with me even if you find the undertone of what I am about to state is unapologetic. Your entire diatribe that had so unrelentingly occupied a great chunk of media space for last couple of days does not inspire me to concede […]

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Knots for Success

By Manisha Gupta The other day I was watching the popular TV serial –CID on SONY. Suddenly one of the members of the CID team, Daya, had to climb up a building to go after the culprit. He quickly took out his rope and flung its hooked end onto the […]

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The Beautiful Game

By Atul Kapoor Has India, as if by an invisible hand of God, transformed into a land of Football buffs overnight? Who infused such a seemingly indelible spirit into the psyche of otherwise preoccupied nation that till now was soporific to the nitty-gritty of this most popular sport on earth? […]

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The Beauty of a Transgender Person

By Fiza Pathan Many people wondered why I wrote the story ‘Flesh of Flesh’ especially my family members. They found it difficult to accept in the beginning, that their daughter had written a story about a transgender child──a child who was rejected by her family, but then in the end […]

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Ein Feld Unerforschten: German Poetry Of the Great War

By Pianki Roy Come 28 July 2014, the world would be commemorating the passage of a century since the beginning of the First World War (1914-18) with Austria-Hungary attacking Serbia – an action which would lead to a global confrontation culminating in the annihilation of 18 million people. With remembrances […]

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Are Indian MP’s Fit for Clean Chit?

By Prabhakar Kulkarni This is the vital question. Because the need to curb nationwide corruption is keenly felt by people who have voted parliament members with the expectation that newly elected MP’s would be so clean that they would have moral right to check corruption in various government departments at […]

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The Meaning Of Life

By Ashwani Shrivastava The meaning of life has been a question of debate and illusion among the philosophers, poets and scholars. Even common people come across these questions. This question is very old yet so pristine… This question has become more profound in the new era then before. Earlier belief […]

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