Covid19 and the Youth: A Love-Hate Story

By Saranya Subramanian “Feels weirdly refreshing for the world to have a pandemic” “IKR! Because it’s such a non-polarising problem” That was a conversation I had two days ago with a close friend. By the texting lingo and content itself, you can guess we’re in our early twenties, invested in […]

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Let the Soul Speak

By Subham Talukder Dedicated to Miss Asli Eti My father, always wanted me to be an Englishman. People who knew him used to say he often praised his fortune because our Bengali surname ‘Paul’ sounded like of foreigners. After I was born, he was on a mission to remove the […]

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Paving the Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

By Lahari Kandamuru Work from home!! Online classes, presentations and assignment submissions!! Because of COVID-19, most schools, colleges and companies are on lockdown. Many of them resolved to do their duties from the comfort of their home. The first reaction for the majority of people, when told to work from […]

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Coronavirus Lockdown: Measures to Tackle Problems Faced by e-Retailers Delivery Agents

By Dr. Ginu George, Dr. Mary Rani Thomas The 21 days lockdown for the entire nation announced by PM Modi on 24th March 2020 came has a major panic to the public. The lockdown was with the objective to “Break the Chain” of COVID19 which was declared as pandemic by the WHO […]

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Facts About Covid-19

By Akshay Kulkarni, Anusha Tembe, Anushka Bhate, Sanket Gavankar and Dr. Rashmi Kulkarni Introduction With the World Pandemic of COVID-19, the team of a few young members of GTF, along with a physician, decided to take upon themselves to research and write a short summary that may be of some […]

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Quarantine, Isolation & Lockdown: The Sound Of Silence

By Anantinee Mishra There is hardly a person nowadays who isn’t aware of the predicament the world is in due to the extensive outbreak of Coronavirus or Covid-19. With the number of people infected accumulating to some lakhs, this virus has spread intense panic and terror globally. It is the […]

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Anarchism and the Anti-CAA protests in India

By Yanis Iqbal The political upheaval which India is currently experiencing is one among the many quasi-anarchist movements like the Occupy Wall Street movement, Alter-globalization movement, Arab Spring and the recent Algerian Hirak movement. The historical resemblance of the Anti-CAA protests to these quasi-anarchist movements is derived from the “horizontal […]

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The Congress’s Electoral Enervation

By Yanis Iqbal  Lately, the Grand Old Party of India has been suffering from severe political lacerations. It is bleeding profusely but it still refuses to recognize and feel the pain of its grisly wounds. The Congress party is obstinately practicing political podsnappery and this is further eviscerating its relevance. […]

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Whatever Happened to Beauty?

By Mark Antony Rossi Without making a joke I sometimes struggle to find Beauty in Life. There are days I stare at my wife and children and only receive waves of obligation; not heavenly profound revelation.           I question if military service, urban politics and decades writing about the human condition […]

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What Was President Trump’s Trip to India About?

By Sreya Sarkar While the press in both U.S. and India were busy covering the theatrical aspect of the 36-hour President Trump visit to India, tossing around snarky one-liners that are typically generated by pompous signature Trump or Modi events, a potentially complex foreign policy strategy has been unfolding on […]

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