Gray Area Thoughts

By Mark Antony Rossi Is it possible to have faith and doubt coexisting in the same space and time? To the legalists in our midst they call this confusing even immature. The literal-minded cannot handle complexity they expect straight lines as if Life is an Art class. Life does not […]

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Writing as Medicinal Relief

By Mark Antony Rossi What is writing but a race to reach the world before it buries the past. Before it buries the writer in a nameless grave. On an unfashionable street. Down by the tracks. What is writing but a communique to the departed. Hey, Father you were right […]

November 4, 2018 · 0 comments · Articles

Does God Answer a Cell Phone?

By Mark Antony Rossi We have all had one of those weeks when you honestly wonder if God is watching. If you are asking for something earnestly (through prayer) we question if He or She is listening. God, can you pick up your cell phone? That’s usually my modern approach. […]

October 28, 2018 · 2 comments · Articles

Me Too

By Sudha Dixit The avalanche of “me too” movement has flabbergasted our society. All the dirt that was supposed to be swept  under the carpet of “honour” is being thrown out in the open. Men, specially, are crying hoarse in indignation and denying the charges. Obviously they will deny, it’s […]

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V is for Vaccination (and Victory)

By Mark Antony Rossi I took my sons to get their flu vaccination in early October. Some years the shipment from the manufacturer arrives early and we get the shot in late September. My wife and I are committed adherents to preventive powers of vaccinations. I’ve seen more than enough […]

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Art First

By Mark Antony Rossi I’ve been tasked twice this year with material from writers who had to overcome painful circumstances. These situations put to test my philosophy of being a tougher editor than person. There needs to be a dramatic difference lest you permit well meaning scribes to emote feelings […]

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Straight Crickets

By Mark Antony Rossi The chattering of chubby cheeks is like a bowel movement of the mouth. It spills the bile of yesterday across your naked feet. The undigested propaganda of a mean-spirited bystander. The age is upon us where the word of a man is mocked as a lie […]

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The Red Car

By Hema Ravi The other day, we were driving home from the airport after seeing off our daughter, her husband and their year-old toddler, the apple of our eyes! Ahead of us was an ‘antique’ open  Fiat car, one of the ‘Jaanavasam’ vehicles of the yester years. Today, this ceremony […]

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Why Writers Need Rejection

By Mark Antony Rossi There’s a good chance I’m one of the only editor in chief’s who upon chance of a poem in my newsfeed will offer that poet an opportunity to be published in my major online literary journal: Ariel Chart. Lo and behold I was not prepared for […]

September 23, 2018 · 6 comments · Articles

Reality As a Simulation?

By Mark Antony Rossi Recently I was conversing with an engineer on social media who works at Space X the independent upstart regularly launching its unique rockets into space. He began to lecture me about his reality is really just a big simulation; thus we were pawn’s in a bigger […]

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