Life Lessons: Shopping at the Indian Stores (in Bellevue, Washington)

By Hema Ravi  “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters…”  Albert Einstein Shopping in malls is a great experience world over, it has its positive effects on the psyche; more so, when one is away from home in a distant land.   The culmination […]

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Wild Food Plants (WFPs) – Local Solutions to Global Issues of Climate Change and Nutrition Security

By Ravi Shankar Behera and Dr. Ranjit K. Sahu Wild food Plants (WFPs) are hardy species and survive even during extreme weather variabilities like droughts and floods. However, with the increasing climate variabilities, the availability of WFPs shows a decreasing trend during the last two decades. This has a ripple […]

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Are Traditional Theories of Management Still Prevalent in Today’s Changed Workplace?

By Sarika Tainwala India now is on the map for its technological prowess, large pool of creative talent, strength in nuclear weapons and advancement in every sector of the economy. Some of the largest corporate like the Tata’s, Birla Group, Reliance group, Dr.Reddy’s, Suzlon, HCL technologies, Infosys and many more […]

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Letter to an Indian Girlfriend

By Is’haq Bhat August 14, 2019 Srinagar, Kashmir. Dear Indu, How are you? How is your heart, apart from being ruthless? The words I write here carry the mood and texture of those couplets of Mirza Ghalib but trust me I am not trying to be romantic here. I am […]

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The Fear of Challenges

By Anjana Subramanian What is about a challenge that intimidate us? Is it the fear of not successfully achieving the goal or not having the guts to accept it right away? When I was a young girl, I wasn’t aware of this word. Things were accepted and done in a […]

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The Devil’s in the Detachment

By Mark Antony Rossi Recently, I debated a bioethics expert who objected to another expect questioning if parents have the moral right to withhold vaccinations from their children based on conspiratorial political ideology. The issue is not complex but rather common sensical since many countries, regions and school districts legally […]

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An Illustrious Son of India

By Hema Ravi An adventurous job in the service of the nation followed by a stint in the industry, still energetic and actively contributing to an NGO – how many can boast of such magnificent feats, yet remain modest?  What could be more befitting to a serviceman who has completed fifty […]

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Digital Demons and the New Big Brother

By Mark Antony Rossi The terrifying novel, “1984”, was brought into the world seven years before Israeli intelligence agents smuggled out Nikita Khrushchev’s secret speech to a special Communist party congress in Moscow during the month of February 1956. The address gave evidence to nasty rumors circulating about Stalin’s regime […]

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Of Unknown Fears…

By Hema Ravi  Seeing a police car in this unobtrusive neighbourhood, triggered discomfort from within; not that I am a ‘capiophobic.’  I am a law-abiding citizen in every respect,  however, as a visitor to this place, I am wary of strangers, more so a policeman in this peaceful environ. During our walks […]

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Canine Talk – What’s App Tête-à-Tête

By Hema Ravi My friend was standing  in her balcony enjoying the autumn sun.  A morning walker, towing a poodle along was passing by.  The elderly gentleman slowed down at the compound-wall of my friend’s apartment.  Surmising things,  Shanta shouted, ‘not at my doorstep!  With hurried steps, the dog-walker disappeared; […]

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