What is Friendship

By Mark Antony Rossi What is friendship in the modern era but a bond stronger than family and more true than any political or religious affiliation.  I realize that my definition seems out of place. Perhaps Webster’s Dictionary will protest my candid description. I’ve survived longer by using dictionaries as […]

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What is Family

By Mark Antony Rossi What is family in the modern age but a loosely-knitted collection of people bound by blood but not b heart. I hear reports from workmates who claim they are closer to those in their employ than with relatives. I’m not sure if this phenomena is a […]

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Wild West of the Internet

By Mark Antony Rossi  The benefits of the Internet are truly enormous. I have sold books. Maintain a weekly column. Communicate with interesting people from around the globe. I’ve purchased products and pay bills using its speed and reach. The Internet can be a blessing and a wretched curse. I’ve […]

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Poking the Eye of Convention

By Mark Antony Rossi  Humans resist change. A humorous reality when considering most of humanity believes in the Theory of Evolution: the ultimate religion of change. What is change but an another method to improve a distinct facet of life. How sad for the thinker, the inventor upon discovering their […]

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Parental Guidance in a World Gone Astray

By Mark Antony Rossi  I’m told I’m a “helicopter parent” because I expect anyone in contact with my children to be accountable for their interaction with them. You should expect the same. In the 21st century the mind of a child is under more assault than ever before in recorded […]

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My Sufi Sonnets in Bhakti Tradition

By Stephen Gill The Bhakti movement started in the 7th century AD in the South of India. In the 14th and the 15th centuries the movement touched its peak when it stretched its wings to the North, replacing rituals, customs, castes and idolatry with unwavering devotion to the Almighty. The essence […]

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Science as a Cover for Bigotry

 By Mark Antony Rossi The atheist is an angry person. For what reason I can only speculate. But I am certain the field of science has the lion’s share of members whom cling to an arrogant conviction that anything other than science is a superstitious sickness. And thus faith, religion […]

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Travel as a Higher Learning Experience

By Mark Antony Rossi  I feel fortunate to have traveled to many parts of the world. It’s truly a wondrous experience to see, feel, and touch another culture. It changes you. Especially when you return home and hear ignorant comments that have no relation to reality. Americans generally think foreign […]

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The Ubiquitous Tutor

By Hema Ravi In layman’s language a tutor aka private teacher is typically one who teaches a single student or a very small group of students.  Private tutors offer their services to school and college students to augment their learning, hone their skills in the subjects of study in order to help […]

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The Overlooked Role of Water Bodies in Income of women in Rural Areas

By Dr. Sanjukta Panda and Dr. Ranjit K. Sahu  How often have you wondered about the water lily that looks as gorgeous as a decoration in your home or looks quintessential for worship during a visit to a place of worship?  Like most products that originate in nature but need […]

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