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The Capital City We Live In

Who has hit the city, neither you nor I, Only those at the helm for 75 years, with vested interests; Allowed rampant growth,  let it grow out of control; Are they only responsible, others silently watched its decay? A concrete jungle, now a dead city. Temperatures soaring as never before! […]



Friendship Friendship is like sunlight A big warm hug, Embracing all of you You bloom into a beautiful person under it Unlike Icarus, You can never fly too close to this big ball of happiness Friendship is a rainbow Seven colours shared between two hearts Feeling, love, sadness, happiness truth, […]



by Muhsina. K. Ismail The sky was huddled with greyish white clouds. Bright yellow sunlight was prickling Thamanna’s eyes. She drew the curtain blinds. Still, patches of yellow light appeared on a pillow, on the plastic foldable bookshelf, and on the yellow board printed with fruits and animals fitted on […]


Love (in transit)

” My seat number was 32,  And I faced him.  He was sitting at 80s And so was my gaze, The curls reminded me of the unexplored places. I never knew the feeling of Not belonging to the unexpected, before. I positioned my book in 100 possible ways, To stay […]



Came from a small town, Submissive & naïve With no idea of how to tread And, how to thrive. Got lost in the rush, Trying to find my feet Only by cunningness here People got the best seat. In changing & transformation, Lost touch with my roots Found myself busy […]


Festival of Light

It was the evening of Diwali festival and the streetlights were on. The cool breeze accompanied by Cloudburst and rain covered the village. Weather was a little cloudy but cool breeze added to the festive mood. In the brilliant atmosphere, the birds were flying towards their nests. The cowboys were […]



Don’t hurl a stone at me It will bounce off me And hit you Don’t aim a missile at me It will boomerang And hurt you For I am full of love I am the chosen one Unlike you   ~Sudha Dixit Bangalore, India


Corpse of Love…

He had the greatest impact on her, She had suppressed her emotions for him, He ruled her world brutally, She surrendered her emotions in misery. Rising from the mud of humiliation, She germinated the seedling so pure, Raising the thunderbolt so high, He chopped the bud she grew into. Dripping […]