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The Happiness Quotient

by Sanjaya Mishra  As she looks at it, the expanse of whiteness seems expansive and unending under the thin rays of sunlight filtering in through the window. The paper is crisp; in a square shape, its corners and edges sharp in her hands. Yet it’s so tiny. She looks at […]



How do I fly With sodden wings Give me the Sun Give me some breeze So that I may dry My wet wings On the rooftop or On the trees Clouds hovering Over the horizon Dripping nectar Upon the Earth Helping moisture to increase And germinate the seeds  Growing crops, […]


We Are Not Alone Out There!

One day I sought adventure as I could only imagine from my easy chair in my vision I had to ride the train and thrills would come quietly unaware.   I told no one as I went to my  work place with a  satchel packed of basic needs after hours […]



अहंकार जब किसीके अंदर हैँ आता, तभी से सुरु होति हैँ उसके विनाश कि गाथा |   रावण जैसा विद्वान और ज्ञानी भी नहीं बच पाया था इस अहंकार के वश से | किया था करके हरण सिता मैया का, स्वयं अपने हि विनाश का प्रारम्भ |   जब महाभारत […]


Rainfall & Heartbreaks

Little by little, the rumble wears down. The horrendous thunderstorm, Atrocious and restless, Which once felt like it would never break, Promptly switches into its tender form.   It’s gloomy. That’s the thing with drizzles; They are somber. Creation enwrapped in an innate despondency.   Tiny droplets observe a void, […]


Untold Stories

In starry twinkling night, You planted a star in my heart, To always sparkle on waking night, The stars dazzle me bright, And shines upon our world, Where you and I are living bond, To tell our stories that were untold, Let me just wish you tonight, Engulf the world […]



I still do the same things I force myself with my broken face to go out and watch them but they do very little. They are too scared now, scared little sheep they go one way then they stop and come back the other. They don’t know where to go. […]