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My Book Tower

I have a beautiful book-house With walls made of heavy tomes, A door of hard cover journal, and Paperbacks made its roof as domes.   It has certain fun – chambers, Spiritual and religious room, Also, ancient literature nook, With its olden, musty perfume.   There is riveting fiction section, […]


Winter Memoirs

The drops of water falling from an old rusty tap, Rhythming perfectly with the rain sound on the window panes, pit pat, pit pat. The wind was blowing hard The winter gust were chilling and teeth splattering. People on the road sitting below the sheds, around bonfire, singing folklore and […]


There For You

When the coldest of winds are blowing, When the nights seem never-ending, When the pain snaps your resolve, when it crushes your spirit, I will be there for you.   My eyes meet yours in that flash of pristine white, In midst of poetic declarations and fireworks in the sky, […]


जीवन का मोल

एक पेड़ था ताल  किनारे बरसों से छतनार खड़ा बड़ी सघन थी उसकी शाखें उसको था अभिमान बड़ा जितने सुंदर पंछी पाँखी ताल किनारे आते थे उसकी डालियों में अपना रैन बसेरा बनाते थे दिन भर उसकी छत के नीचे लोगों की आवाजाही थी कुछ प्रेमी जोड़े बतियाते थे कुछ […]


Art and Artist

Abode is his dwelling Ride unto the last with pride is all’s aim To nearly hearth most of all reach with act Chilled we stay though near heat Since nothing can be undone All is done, which results in devoid of inclusion Touched yet untouched we stand   Nature heals […]


My Dear Zombie

My heart wants you to be around me Everyone is around me but you. I want to listen you all day long I hear everything but your voice. I want to say all my feelings to you I say them all but press backspace. I extend my hand in darkness […]


A Brief Encounter

By Swati Moheet Agrawal It was a chilly January evening and as the moon came up between two deodars, I saw that patches of snow still lay on the roads of Dalhousie. I was enraptured by the sight of windowpanes encrusted with icicles, people huddled up in thick blankets, toasty […]


The Moment

The moment we get desperate, we lose, Patience, that’s what we have to choose,   The moment we lie we get locked, Honesty that’s what to be stocked,   The moment we make a mistake we have to think, Introspection, that’s what to our soul we have to link,   […]


Evening Pervades

Sheet of silence drapes the soul of din and bustle as evening stealthily advances slowly …dimly lit street lights engage in whisper swathe in  the serenity of breather and calmer sense   Less of footfall on much trodden path defines the contour of the obvious darkness pervades like never before […]


The Quest for Love

In search of love and affection My mind is oscillating in your thoughts. Sitting on the lifeless lumbar log I wander where is my love , Uprooted, displaced and voiceless. I fail to understand this complex In the desert of my heart, You were planting the tree . In the […]