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I fear believing I fear those saints Propaganda is powerful And the powerful are deranged   I fear power I fear the lies War is a business And love is a vice   I fear corporations I fear the greed Profiteers slaughters morality Esurient corrupts the creed   I fear […]


Teacher’s Delight

I come home from school Lethargic like a lion at dreary dusk; A smile beneath the façade of fatigue, Creases of my collar dust in lime Sweating to the sinews in time, Gasp for a restful sigh- A coffee in my old tea mug, Perhaps a whisky in ice to […]


The Painful Love

When I stand in the drizzly rain My mind gets occupied in bane Heart experiences unbearable strain The memory of the past cause a heart sprain As it’s being whipped with a betrayal cane   Now that she is gone causing my heart stain I keep thinking of her, although […]


My Pet Dog

Animals are the best de-stressors. Adopted dogs reduce feelings of loneliness.   Researchers have found that people with pets have lower heart rate and blood pressure level.   With stressful circumstances, loneliness can’t be avoided but a pet dog can create happiness.   He rushes to welcome you as he hears you […]


Purpose of Life

by Sowjanya M Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting. Isn’t it? Few days back I saw a jackfruit tree that was axed almost completely because a building was being renovated and this tree was causing hindrance and in addition to that this is the […]



In the midst of darkness, I can still believe in the stars starkness, though far and tiny, they are still bright and shiny. I find no reason for me to worry, so long stars exist with the nights’ glory, frequently flickering and twinkling, without a night shrinking. Thousands of stars […]


Double Role

A cinematic flair for the real austerity of life An absolving of the body and mind The differences between them are labeled double role The true self—an acting tool, Acting strangely and Tottering in the rush of civilization With double role on the loose Not merging the action and compliance […]