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Home Needs Love And a Bayonet

by Mark Antony Rossi Violence was never about power. I could care less about control. Rather it was the saddest of understandings that force played a role in righting wrongs. Evil usually weighs words on truer scales and calls out results. This test of intention is older than recorded time. […]


The Beginning of Solidarity

by Mark Antony Rossi Songs claim love can repair the chasm between distant strangers. Churches say our imperfect nature, damaged since creation, is a millstone around the neck of humanity. In politics, they promise you the moon but at the steepest price of the stars. Continued drink drives the demons […]


Cats Can Teach Us Humility

by Mark Antony Rossi I love cats. So much that if I were in the Pharaoh’s court during the glory of ancient Egypt I would have hidden the cats to protect them from the priests who were required to kill and mummify them for the journey into the afterlife. If […]