Writers and Readers

Writers and readers are like
     friends forever,
where writers with their words
 connect to the eyes and the heart
    of the readers.
Writers put up anything from the
    surrounding real-life story,
and readers feel and realize the
     every emotion of the story.
Through words and lines,
writers and readers share a good
bond in every story, poem,
    novels and essays.
Writers and readers are live for
     each other,
where writers research and write
 their unique lines in every book
and readers by reading the book  share their views, spread
       messages and recommend everyone to read.
Writers are the inspiration for the
and the readers take that inspiration and motivate
          themselves and others.
Writers and readers are the ones
 who makes the reader a better
        version of themselves.
Writers give recreation, source and
    knowledge to the readers
and the readers enjoy the time to read the books and gain the
     source and knowledge.
Both writers and readers burn up
    the bright lamp,
     and shines the future.
~Srimoyee Neogi 
Kolkata, India

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