Soaring Soul…

An archangel soars above the murkiest clouds,
In search of my adoration with no doubts,
She has her heart opened for my heart to kiss,
In every feeling of her and in every piece.
Her desirous eyes burn down my intense feelings,
In her nude bosoms, I feel thrilling,
She gently perches on my beating chest,
For her sensual hands firmly rest.
Her heart fires my wanting Spirits,
Bewitching my soul in her every fleet,
She kisses my dried cheeks and cracked lips,
But her lips taste akin to winey tips.
She tears her chest and smiles enveloping me,
As she dances with love like a bumblebee,
She drinks syrupy wine of my aching heart,
And lays down on the carpeted earth.
We trade our lovingness through our sapphire eyes,
As our intensity flies in the hazel sky,
She whispers her love deeply in my ears,
And in soothing voice of her, I truly cheer.
She undresses her loin clothes for me,
To satiate my thirst from the deepest sea,
The sea of her soul flows deeper than the ocean,
Wanting to amalgamate my love with her emotions.
We make consensual love beneath the witness of stars,
Though witnessing away from the distance afar,
But our love for each other will last for eternity,
As we are knotted by the silken knot of our longevity.
~ Bagawath Bhandari

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