Ode to Bees

Unrest in colony of honey bee
On strike workers, shaking reign of queen bee
“We want justice, we want equality”
Days were sweating, nights were causality
“From sunrise to sunrise we suck flower
And you rule us like a superpower”
A for go, Z for go, all yelling go
Prevailing regime is destined to go
Of her harem, the queen came out the first time
Not alone she was, drones were council prime
On agenda was how to deal with this
How to bring lazy days, away from this
Not expected this was, but the queen cede
On-demand and voting for reign agreed
But who will be our face, workers thought long
And sky danced wildly, light and sound sang a song
He came out as buds shine, our dear D.K.
For dry soil, dark clouds in the shape of D.K.
Soon dawn started shedding an extra dew
And in sight was a democratic coup
“No queen, no council is authority
Only workers will be the priority”
The next morning the sun rose in the west
And I heard a deafening buzz in the nest
Long past, but I want to see the bees now
To know, what wonders they have brought and how
My eyes like of an infant, looking for a toy
The sun rises in the east but no annoy
From her harem, all workers can be seen
Our beloved D.K. is the new queen
~ Arvind Kumar 

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