Life Is a Picture of Joy and Sorrow

Life always is a picture of joy and sorrow,

pleasure and pain, shadow and sunlight.

My life was full of ups and down but a person

should have a stable and static aim.

Success and failure are two sides of the same

coin like a part of everyone’s life.

 I handle both reasonably well and don’t let

them hamper my mental equilibrium.

My philosophy in life is to give one’s best

always as I never try to harm others.

Mental freedom is achieved when we are free

to choose and make our own decisions.

There were no boundaries for happiness, though

I am always feeling alone now-a-days.

I feel every person is like a good sailor with

sense of balance and loads of courage.

I love a person, who is comfortable, chivalrous,

charming, attractive, and brave.

I have faith in God’s power and I visit temples

and churches to seek Lord’s blessings.

I listen to music as it raises the level of nervous

activities in body and makes me relaxed.

Life involves good, bad, bitterness, sweetness,

light, dark, summer, and in the winter.

I like a person, who is polite and courteous,

and is never rude to anyone at any time.

A forgiving heart can heal relationships and

help one to see the brighter side of others.

I take time out for things that interest me, like

travelling, watching movies and walking.

A relaxed mind creates peace and joyous mood

in life but a person should be energetic.

Life hasn’t been smooth sailing as I had

plenty of thorns on the way in my life.

I believe that our destiny is not in our hands,

it is best to accept things as they happen.


~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

New Delhi, India

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