Know Me…

If you know me, tell me the truth;If not, don’t judge me and make me crude.What you know may be a little story,But it is scary to dance in bigotry.                                                  Lend me your ears and listen to my words,You will hear and understand my world.Be wise to hear and listen,Wisdom flourishes and enlighten.                                                  Feel my life to know it well,And let me breathe freely whereupon I dwell.I shall not believe you,Until I get a clue.                                                  You must garner the capacity to dissect me,Both in and out without faltering a single glee.See me through,And feed me to be true.                                                  I shall then walk towards you,Supplicate and surrender before you.I will possess nothing to offerBut I must commit a golden coffer.                                                  Don’t prick me with thornsWith your misguided thoughts.Don’t compare and contrast me wronglyFor I am an individual who rise strongly.
~Yeshi Nidup

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