Journey Towards White Little Shoes

Oddesy towards exquisite life,
Started with your little white shoes,
Gracefully stepping in our direction,
Penetrating the rays of hope.
Foreign affection burst into flames,
New changes in life were invited,
Every emotion flooded in heart,
Feeling content I rested my head.
Tiny smile for the mysterious guest,
Filling our souls with pure bliss,
Unseen and unknown bond too strong,
Enough and worthy of our happy tears.
Treasure of my heart,
Evidence of our love,
We are waiting for your cries,
And your nagging for every toy in the world.
I can not feel your fragile kicks inside me,
But you have already hypnotised us,
I dance in the melody of your spell,
My darling I will love you to the moon and back.
We are waiting for our bundle of joy,
To open its eyes for the first time,
And call us mom and dad,
Completing our journey towards little white shoes.
~ Bishnu Maya Acharya

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