I Married My Soul…

I swallowed the tension tightening in my throat,
Tried to dampen the nervousness building in my chest,
Ignoring the palpitations I raised my head,
As I neared the most awaited moment of my life.
Igniting the sparks of excitement,
I commenced the journey of my life,
With heavy dress and makeup on my face,
I leaped forward his way to embrace with grace.
Exchanging rings was our first step,
We exchanged commitments the next,
His eyes were full of emotions and thoughts,
Chiliad of emotions ran down the human-filled roads.
With each ritual performed, we vowed to, Support, love, and understand our differences,
Filling vermilion, he gave his title to me,
Nuptial chain knotted me to his soul.
Biding my good time to my parents and relatives,
I entered the world of a married woman,
Nothing has changed or will change in me,
As I am bound to the most beautiful relationship of mine.
Like the sprinkle of love,
We commemorated our new phase,
Odyssey of our love will stay fresh,
As our love keeps beating deeply in our chests.
~ Bishnu Maya Acharya 

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