Coloured Corns

Coloured corns, coloured corns,Mostly we see yellow  coloured corns,Wow today we have red, blue,Purple and black coloured,Body glowing corns,Edible food colours and colouring agents, Are superfood coloured corns.                                                                             Friends let us pluck the coloured corns,Put them in water boil,  For a long while in hot steam,Rub, rub  gently and  remove, With help of a knife,Pearls are like corn grains.                                                                             Coloured corns are superfoods,Is there any truth to it?Yes, coloured corns are Sweet, And nutty flavoured corns,They have high phenolic contents, And powerful antioxidants like anthocyanins,Which makes their  colour distinct and perfect, Coloured corns are powerhouse of proteins,And are famous for anti-aging properties unique,That’s why regular consumption of coloured corn,Is a bliss for nervous system and brain, These superfoods lowers blood pressure high, And improves health and eyesight.                                                 Friends grow your body,And immunity body well,With Millets, pulses, ground nuts, Coloured corns- grains of goodness, With all your fondness.But always say no big, To MNC junk foods,See bliss- the magic of coloured corns, Superfood in your, overall well-being.


~Dr. Sukarma Rani Thareja

Kanpur, India 

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