Celestial Wish

O, How I wish
I could implore you not to go away!
Leaving me in the mess of
Ever weak in taking care of myself
Haphazardness has invaded my whole being
Numbness often visits my senses as an unwanted guest.
I know you never wanted me to be so stupid
But this too you knew well I never was that sort
In your undigestable absence, people have not changed
The concern you showed for me, I miss miserably
But I am not too weak either
Overall the precedented odds, fortune’s decree
I keep up the guts to overcome and attempt to smooth
The fire and oddities of the self-willed situations
And feeling you ever in my earthy being
Trying to live upto your pious expectations
And follow your ‘commandments’ to the best of my
Abilities, with faith, enriched with reverence for you
Completing my remaining slot of time
Here on this deserted place, called ‘Sansar’
Awaiting covetously to meet you ‘dear’ in the reign of the Almighty !!
~Dr. Kailash Nath Khandelwal
Agra, India

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