Beautiful Scenery of a Zoo

The Zoo is nothing but a precious place especially

for children while watching scenery.

First, we entered the Aquarium hall where we

saw fish, which we looked at closely in each tank.

We could see Mexican pupfish, cuttlefish, shrimp

fish, amazon fish etc. inside the Aquarium.

We went to see animals where we saw Gorilla

kingdom and panoramic views of the Zoo.

We saw the animals like Hippos, black-footed

penguins, and black-cheeked lovebirds.

Children were enjoying watching black rabbits,

white owl, monkey, lion, tigers, camel etc.

While visiting, we could observe black-capped

a squirrel monkey swings through the trees.

We enjoyed Penguin’s activities with our children,

where a pool was reserved for huge penguins.

Penguins used to walk with short steps and a clumsy

swaying motion on the poolside and driving in their pool.


~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

New Delhi, India

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