A Place Called You

Tracing myself in all the different colours of what life did offer

I never found one that spoke to me like home

Until I heard the voice of my heart

That asked me to look inside and know

That is the only place I belong to

Is the place called me


Even when darkness seems to ascend

Light is bound to make its way

Because you exist

In a place called YOU


Your fears shall cease to compound

For your capacities know no bounds

You know how to survive a broken self

All you ought to do

Is to find you in a place called you


Why look for stars in the sky

When a beam of light shines inside of you

Why locate colours of joy in the faces of others

When the shade of happiness exists in you

All you ought to do

Is to find you in a place called you


In the world of myth of lies

Let the truth of your heart prevail

Let the freedom of your soul

Shine, transgressing the bounds of control

For what you, the art yourself, fear of the world

You are the world you have been tracing all this while

You, the place you belong to

To accept, nurture and thrive.


~ Isha Sharma

New Delhi, India

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