V for Vinegar

Vandalism, Vandalism, and Vandalism.
Life became tattered, vocab became buttered.
Innocent monopoly given by Gosh
vituperating oneself by the same bosh.
You got a scatterbrain, losing the vogue voice
hold your rambunctious vividly to get a good choice.
Fondling your own soul, don’t be procrastinated
elicit the vainglory to avoid big hyphenated.
Excoriating at the backside, un-succulent
vomit at the wrong spot, it’s feculent.
Vandalism, Vandalism, and Vandalism.
Sacredness is mocked by the anarchy,
jawline looks charming, but the blotchy.
Fermenting the water by acetous,
roasting the red meat, despite vigorous.
Bring me that childhood that I lost,
vyingly I’m overwhelmed, like a baned frost.
~Trijit Mukherjee
Kolkata, India

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