The Monster Hunt

Disappointed, heartbroken, and enraged

I ponder why my sisters are shackled and caged?

Within our society, why are they unsafe?

May they be in a bikini, a burqa, a kurta, or even in a drape

Why are they still scraped? Who is hiding in the devil’s cape?


Of course, it’s the horror of the corrupt, psychotic, filthy immoral swine

Those we see on the TV, disgusting and satanic. And We are benign?

We are moral and holy, unallied to any attack, misconduct, abuse or rape

Once we get rid of Those monsters, things will be jolly. And streets? Finally, safe?


Relieved with the thought, I take a walk, go on with my day

Meet some friends, but a private gossip leaves me in dismay

How can My friends endorse such a mindset? It’s such a betray

Disappointed, I become the dust in an ashtray


A quick glimpse of society proved we are all surrounded by monsters

Unfortunately, I don’t have the privilege of not knowing the abusers-

A friend, a neighbor, a teacher, an uncle or an aunt and even a father

No relation is safe, For, ‘them’ are no strangers, we need not look too farther


Petrified with the realization, I go and wash my face,

Reflect on some wrinkles and the memories it possessed

Most were charming, with thorns and some roses,

But a memory took me aback,

Rather a tiny, idiotic moment for the young me, no mean to offend

But, now, I cannot be certain if it was the same for the receiving end


It certainly was inappropriate. Oh, maybe it still haunts them,

Took me long to realize – I am, after all, the very monster I condemn


I observed with moral high ground, ‘who is so evil? My sister’s freedom killer?’

Until I realized,

The search for the social enemy begins not just with a torch but also, with a mirror.

~ Sandesh Subedi


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