The Blocked Mind

When thinking is blocked

Thoughts get clogged

Ideas do not arise in the mind

As if intellect is left behind.


Trying so hard to think

And put my thoughts into an ink

Only let my emotions sink

Into an abyss of sorrows, in a wink.


Sat for an hour to construct a line

Each line sounded like drinking a brine

None of the lines were reading fine

As if my mind was intoxicated by wine.


Nothing around seemed right

When, for months, I could not write.

Felt as if I have lost my sight

of intellectual might.


Now with this piece

I aspire to regain my pace

To once again come back to track

To continue writing after backtracking.



~Deepak Raj Chetri


One Comment

  1. Rupashree Gupta

    Lovely composition.