Taming of Negativity….

In the duty of humanity, I am a hero,
In the name of wealth, I am the zero,
In the nakedness of Autumn, I am that tree,
In the name of liberty, I am in spree.
Bones in me are robust to be broken,
Spirit in me is highly awoken,
Love from me flows akin to the juice,
I have heart of gold to be used.
In every nerve of mine,
I have the syrupy wine,
I stagger down the street,
Looking for the solo spirit.
I am an uncountable noun in grammar,
I am the king of all the drummers,
I beat the drum to awake my sleeping soul,
For it has millions of reasons and millions of roles.
In the sweetness of tea, I am that sugar,
In the tale of countryside, I am a figure,
I ride the horse of negativity and curse,
Taming the manners with my men in my verse.
~Bagawath Bhandari

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