Romantic Trance…

Laying in the bed of roses,

I traced my fingers up your spine,

Undressing our souls down in line,

We got energized in the tempting wind.

I drank the wine of our passion,

In the candlelight hap of our lust,

Silence of screams echoed the room,

Promising millions of emotions in between.

Soft lips danced down the cleavage,

Testing my sassiness I gasped in the process,

You drank my sweetness with bliss,

Pricking my spirit with a clueless hiss.

Map of hickies tickled my nudity,

Proving our carnal desires to soar,

Alluringly tangled body of ours,

Diffused a fragrance of love so strong.

Gazing the eyes through your naked soul,

Embracing the storm between us,

Wrapped in the blanket of our love,

We consummated the thirst of our desire.

Sipping the nectar of satisfaction,

You cradled  me in your arms

Sealing a kiss of an eternal love of a lover,

We entered a dreamless slumber.

~Bishnu Maya Acharya


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